Snow Day

Yes, my faithful followers. The weatherman was right.
At about six o'clock last night, light snow began to fall. This was something that I discovered upon glancing out the window and seeing the white stuff come floating down, then proceeding to scream to the entire household.
"It's snowing people!"
Yes. Because I'm like that.
Then of course, as the snow began to pile up, I went outside in the dark, without a coat, and began taking epic snow bokeh pictures like a mad woman.

Then my mom and I decided to make s'mores with the homemade chocolate William-Sonoma marshmallows. We didn't expect them to melt into a puddle, but they were still amazing. Yummy, gooey goodness. 

In the morning (although it was quite hard to fall asleep), I woke up to this lovely sight. We got roughly five inches of snow. 

I love all of the snow covered trees. They give off such a magical woodland essence.

For some reason, I am in love with this awesome picture of my brother, C. I guess it's the angle. 

Above: M. and P. gazing at the snow in awe (or at least that's the atmosphere that the picture gives off!) 

There was a completely majestic hawk roosting in a tree in our neighbor's yard behind us. 

Meet my albino rabbit, Cloud. He's five years old, and every time it snows my dad jokes about playing hide and seek with him. 

This is the little girl that lives across the street from us. This picture is my favorite of the whole entire day! You can visit her mom's blog here.

This is what P. did when I told him to smile. Charming. 

P.'s boots that he got for Christmas. What's left to say? They're adorable. 

M.D. attempting a snow angel. 

Our local geese are pretty clueless. It snowed and they were still flying around! Hello! Fly south already!

My completely amazing softball socks layered under plaid knee socks layered over two pairs of leggings layered under jeans. Yes, I was warm. 

My fingerless hot pink gloves and neon orange fingernails. So vibrant. 

Did anyone else get snow last night? 
Oh, and better yet, I just found out that I won't have school tomorrow either because the county schools are out. Awesomeness!


Waiting for Snow

{From last year's big snow}

snow [snō]
n (plural snows)
ice crystal flakes: water vapor in the atmosphere that has frozen into ice crystals and falls to the ground in the form of flakes

{Occasionally I put a watermark (kind of!) on my photos. The reason none of the others have one is because I got impatient...}

Right now, it's 28 degrees outside and I'm in the house, thankful for a crackling fire and the fact that the house if nice and toasty. I mean, our heating bill is probably through the roof, but whatever...
The weatherman has been saying for the past two days that we are supposed to have snow tonight. Oh, excuse me - not snow. A snowstorm. We never get snowstorms. Ever.
Church is cancelled tonight, and the schools are anticipating closing tomorrow. There's supposed to be sleet, starting at around six o'clock, and then snow on top of that, making it stick. Yay! I'm kind of gazing out the window, waiting for the first flake (or sleet - ball? What would you call that?) to fall. I almost feel like chanting to the dark sky, willing it to snow.

Snow, snow, snow.
Faster, faster, faster.
Harder, harder harder.
Colder, colder, colder.

Oh - I'm sorry. Can you tell that I want it to snow very badly?
As I said, we're sitting here, waiting for the snow. I think I'll go put on a pair of my toe socks. Maybe I can convince my mom to make a few cups of the Williams-Sonoma hot chocolate with homeade chocolate marshmallows that I gave her for Christmas (we're talking real chocolate shavings - not the powder, people!). Then I'll snuggle up with a blanket, check the blogs I follow, listen to my new Natalie Grant C.D., or possibly read a good book. I'm currently reading The Skin Map, by Stephen Lawhead. It's quite interesting.
Of course, we're all going to look like idiots if the snow doesn't come and everything is canceled anyway...

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I've Learned to Glorify God Through...

Nature photography.
I love it so much. I especially love macro, capturing teeny tiny things that most people wouldn't notice. I love putting God's creation in it's best light and making people realize that there is no way that any part of creation could have happened by chance.

Everything about nature, from the feathery textures, the minute leaves, and the rippling water, show us the glory of God in the best way possible.

I hear Him speaking through the wind in the leaves of trees, the sound of water rolling against a shore, and the chirp of hard-working birds.

I look at the leaves and the mighty trees, and there is no doubt in my mind that there is an all-powerful creator.

We must learn to find God - and happiness - in the simple things.

How do you hear God speaking to you?

A few techy things - One, all I know is that the blogroll is rolling on my family computer and stuck, overlapping the archive links, on my laptop. I don't really know what to do about that. Also, on the family computer, part of my header is cut off. But on my laptop, the header is fine. Is anyone else having problems seeing these parts of the blog? Any tips to fix? 
Five followers in three days? *looks shocked* That's so neat. Thank you to everyone who is following so far!
Have a lovely weekend!


20 Pieces of Information

I typed in the word "fact" in the thesaurus on my laptop and one of the alternate words for fact is "Piece of Information". So that's what I'm naming this post.
Here are twenty random facts about me, my blog, and my life. Enjoy!

Piece #1: I love nature photography. I really got into it last year, and now I go outside with my camera whenever I can.

Piece #2: This is kind of like the "Confessions" posts on Carlotta's blog. But it isn't.

Piece #3: Before I started this blog, I wrote down an entire list of over twenty possible names. One of them was "Rasberry Cat." Don't ask.

Piece #4: It's kind of bugging me that the pictures in the header turned out as a weird grainy quality, even though they were perfect on my computer before I added them to the header.

Piece #5: Oh - the header. Yes, I finally settled on a simple, handmade blog design that won't bug me to death until I get a custom design.

Piece #6: I am fourteen years old, and a lot of times I wish I was still ten. But then I wouldn't have been able to start this blog.

Piece #7: I'm five feet, ten and a half inches tall.

Piece #8: Because my legs are so long, I started going up the stairs two at a time - and never stopped. Now it feels weird to go up the stairs one at a time. Seriously - I trip.

Piece #9: I'm saving up for a Nikon D60 camera, because my old one (a point and shoot) is almost dead. Literally.

Piece #10: I'm homeschooled, but I go to "outside classes" two times a week.

Piece #11: I have a huge library of books in my closet.

Piece #12: I love berets.

Piece #13: I also love fingerless gloves, but I only have one pair.

Piece #14: I have been dancing ballet for about seven years now, and I still love it.

Piece #15: I've been taking piano for nine years and I love it a lot. I'm about to start learning "Fur Elise".

Piece #16: I wake up at four-twenty in the morning three to four times a week so that my grandmother can pick me up at a quarter till five to go to our local fitness center to work out. Yes, my grandmother. But she's a cool grandmother.

Piece #17: My {cool} grandmother and I share clothes. I love going to school in a cute jacket and having someone ask where I got it. I go, "My grandmother was getting rid of it." and get a lot of bewildered looks.

Piece #18: You should know - I love {brackets}.

Piece #19: I love the color pink. When I post pictures of my room, you'll see what I mean.

Piece #20: I was hoping to get at least 60 - 80 followers by the time I've had this blog for two to three weeks. Is that too ambitious?

There you go! Thank you so much to my very first followers - Sterling, Emii, and Tess! I owe you... something.
If the blogroll is showing up the wrong way on your computer, please know I am trying to fix it.
I actually didn't think that I would be able to think of twenty facts about myself. But I did!
Have a lovely day, dear readers!


And So it Commences...


Yes, blogger world. Mary Cat has finally started a blog of her own.
*taps on screen*
Blogger world? Do you read me?
If anyone's reading this, my very first post, please do me a lovely favor and click on the "follow" button to your right. And comment. Comment, comment, comment. Because I'm going to love hearing what you guys have to say.
This blog will be made up of everyday life observations, lots and lots of photos, crafts, and recipes, and whatever other random things I think are worthy of writing about.
I have a fault. And that fault is - I can't do graphic design, which at this point is making me a little frustrated because I can't just make whatever I fancy to decorate with on my little corner of the web. But don't worry, you won't have to endure the generic free template for long. I'm on the waiting list for a makeover at Beauty Blog Designs {beautyblogdesigns.blogspot.com}. The lovely Hannah also just recently designed the staff blog for the magazine that I write for: {bloommagazine.webs.com} and {bloom-staff.blogspot.com}. Hopefully, within a reasonable amount of time, my blog will go from this boring look to something that actually expresses - I don't know, who I actually am? :) I am currently number fifteen on the waiting list, however. That shouldn't take too long. Right?
So as I come to the end of the beginning of this blog, I ask you only one thing, dearest readers (hopefully there will be some!). Comment. Tell me what you want to read about and what you want to see.