And So it Commences...


Yes, blogger world. Mary Cat has finally started a blog of her own.
*taps on screen*
Blogger world? Do you read me?
If anyone's reading this, my very first post, please do me a lovely favor and click on the "follow" button to your right. And comment. Comment, comment, comment. Because I'm going to love hearing what you guys have to say.
This blog will be made up of everyday life observations, lots and lots of photos, crafts, and recipes, and whatever other random things I think are worthy of writing about.
I have a fault. And that fault is - I can't do graphic design, which at this point is making me a little frustrated because I can't just make whatever I fancy to decorate with on my little corner of the web. But don't worry, you won't have to endure the generic free template for long. I'm on the waiting list for a makeover at Beauty Blog Designs {beautyblogdesigns.blogspot.com}. The lovely Hannah also just recently designed the staff blog for the magazine that I write for: {bloommagazine.webs.com} and {bloom-staff.blogspot.com}. Hopefully, within a reasonable amount of time, my blog will go from this boring look to something that actually expresses - I don't know, who I actually am? :) I am currently number fifteen on the waiting list, however. That shouldn't take too long. Right?
So as I come to the end of the beginning of this blog, I ask you only one thing, dearest readers (hopefully there will be some!). Comment. Tell me what you want to read about and what you want to see.


  1. M.Cat! You made a blog! Wooooooooo! I'm so excited. :D Can't wait for more posts:)

  2. Hey mcat!! glad you finally started a blog!! dont no much about them so no suggestions for you.

  3. this is cool!! i <3 ur blog!! by the way, who is emii. we r the only 2 members. cool!! when ur famous one day i'll be proud 2 say that i was a member of ur blog and new u fron school!!lol

  4. <3 the snowflakes!! and the pic at the top! i <3 google pics 2 u did a really good job.

  5. Sterling,
    I know Emii from her blog {http://girlz4godrok.blogspot.com} and from another blog that we both comment on, {tweenyouandme.typepad.com/in_real_life_}. That one is done by my favorite author, Nancy Rue.
    --Mary Cat


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