Snow Day

Yes, my faithful followers. The weatherman was right.
At about six o'clock last night, light snow began to fall. This was something that I discovered upon glancing out the window and seeing the white stuff come floating down, then proceeding to scream to the entire household.
"It's snowing people!"
Yes. Because I'm like that.
Then of course, as the snow began to pile up, I went outside in the dark, without a coat, and began taking epic snow bokeh pictures like a mad woman.

Then my mom and I decided to make s'mores with the homemade chocolate William-Sonoma marshmallows. We didn't expect them to melt into a puddle, but they were still amazing. Yummy, gooey goodness. 

In the morning (although it was quite hard to fall asleep), I woke up to this lovely sight. We got roughly five inches of snow. 

I love all of the snow covered trees. They give off such a magical woodland essence.

For some reason, I am in love with this awesome picture of my brother, C. I guess it's the angle. 

Above: M. and P. gazing at the snow in awe (or at least that's the atmosphere that the picture gives off!) 

There was a completely majestic hawk roosting in a tree in our neighbor's yard behind us. 

Meet my albino rabbit, Cloud. He's five years old, and every time it snows my dad jokes about playing hide and seek with him. 

This is the little girl that lives across the street from us. This picture is my favorite of the whole entire day! You can visit her mom's blog here.

This is what P. did when I told him to smile. Charming. 

P.'s boots that he got for Christmas. What's left to say? They're adorable. 

M.D. attempting a snow angel. 

Our local geese are pretty clueless. It snowed and they were still flying around! Hello! Fly south already!

My completely amazing softball socks layered under plaid knee socks layered over two pairs of leggings layered under jeans. Yes, I was warm. 

My fingerless hot pink gloves and neon orange fingernails. So vibrant. 

Did anyone else get snow last night? 
Oh, and better yet, I just found out that I won't have school tomorrow either because the county schools are out. Awesomeness!


  1. I showed my sister the pic of the snow the next morning -- and she was like, "Wow, it looks like Narnia!"
    Your photos are amazing, M.Cat!
    Winter looks like so much fun in America. All we get in winter are cold days...

  2. I love love love those pics!! they r so adorable!! u have such wonderful models!! : )

  3. I love your photos! You are a wonderful photographer! Of course, I am a little partial to the one of Louise.

  4. I just found your blog and I'll follow :)
    beautiful pictures


  5. Wow you are a really good photographer! I really enjoyed this. I just started a blog bu its not much quite yet. I have abosolutly no idea what I am doing. But I wanted to start one so I went for it! Check it out!


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