Waiting for Snow

{From last year's big snow}

snow [snō]
n (plural snows)
ice crystal flakes: water vapor in the atmosphere that has frozen into ice crystals and falls to the ground in the form of flakes

{Occasionally I put a watermark (kind of!) on my photos. The reason none of the others have one is because I got impatient...}

Right now, it's 28 degrees outside and I'm in the house, thankful for a crackling fire and the fact that the house if nice and toasty. I mean, our heating bill is probably through the roof, but whatever...
The weatherman has been saying for the past two days that we are supposed to have snow tonight. Oh, excuse me - not snow. A snowstorm. We never get snowstorms. Ever.
Church is cancelled tonight, and the schools are anticipating closing tomorrow. There's supposed to be sleet, starting at around six o'clock, and then snow on top of that, making it stick. Yay! I'm kind of gazing out the window, waiting for the first flake (or sleet - ball? What would you call that?) to fall. I almost feel like chanting to the dark sky, willing it to snow.

Snow, snow, snow.
Faster, faster, faster.
Harder, harder harder.
Colder, colder, colder.

Oh - I'm sorry. Can you tell that I want it to snow very badly?
As I said, we're sitting here, waiting for the snow. I think I'll go put on a pair of my toe socks. Maybe I can convince my mom to make a few cups of the Williams-Sonoma hot chocolate with homeade chocolate marshmallows that I gave her for Christmas (we're talking real chocolate shavings - not the powder, people!). Then I'll snuggle up with a blanket, check the blogs I follow, listen to my new Natalie Grant C.D., or possibly read a good book. I'm currently reading The Skin Map, by Stephen Lawhead. It's quite interesting.
Of course, we're all going to look like idiots if the snow doesn't come and everything is canceled anyway...

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  1. I love toe socks! Haven't worn them in years, am TOTALLY getting them out next winter! Ooh, waiting for a snowstorm. All we get are thunderstorms!

  2. yeah!! it did snow!! i went sledding 2day!!


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