One of Those Days...

Do you ever have one of those days? Or weeks, for that matter? You reach a point where a) you just want to scream "Can someone please make sense?" or b) you just want to leave. For a month. And then, when you come back, hopefully everything will be nice and calm again.

Well, the last couple of days have been like that for me. Basically, I've been feeling that if I don't start packing to go somewhere soon, I'm going to go completely stir crazy. But that's not happening. I told my mom, "France has been calling to me lately." and she said, "Oh. Well tell them hi."

My family isn't exactly the pick-up-and-go-somewhere type. Which I totally understand - after all, what with the basketball games and the house almost ready to go up for sale, and five younger siblings... yes, I understand how international travel would be impossible. But - next weekend, my parents are taking me to a homeschool conference downtown. We're staying in a hotel for two days while the little ones are at grandma's - so at least I get to pack a bag for that. I can pretend that I'm hours away from home. Then there's spring break to consider. There's a slight possibility that my family will be able to go to my grandfather's lake house over spring break in a couple of weeks. I sure hope so - my camera has been dying for new scenery.

Here's a little something for you, since you got to the end of that rant, and since I've been dreaming of international-ness. Simply right-click on each picture and set it as your desktop background, if you would like.

{edited by yours truly}

Happy Monday!


Self Portrait

Carlotta is having a self portrait challenge, so I thought I'd link up!
But - I couldn't decide between these two. So I'll do them both.

This one was taken last summer, so I look a lot younger. But I love the angle. 

This one was taken last month, when it was snowing. I love the snowflakes in my hair and in front of my face!


Have a great Sunday!


For the Record {2}

I hope that you guys are having a thoroughly relaxing Saturday!

for the record: My brothers have had a basketball game almost every day this week. One does get tired of screaming parents.

for the record: Sara Beth has a terrible Bieber fever. Now she's trying to convert us all to Beliebers. But I don't think I could every really be a fan of someone who is five inches shorter than myself at age sixteen and still sings in a higher voice than a lot of people. No offense intended.

for the record: I really want to start doing fashion posts, but to take pictures of my outfits, I need to wait until I get my DSLR camera. Still trying to find money-making outlets for that...

for the record: I'm so over winter.

for the record: It has been grey outside for the past three days - I want the sun to emerge!

for the record: I. Want. Spring. {kind of seeing a pattern here...}

for the record: I've been entering a ton of giveaways lately but haven't won any yet.

for the record: I've moved some things around - the munchkins page is now up and all of the blogs I follow are on the literature page.

for the record: My room is looking bleaker and bleaker, with boxes all around.

for the record: We had a tornado Thursday night, but it didn't hit us.

for the record: I have to audition for the high school choir on March 1st. Urgh.

for the record: I really want to go thrift store shopping.

Adorable baby birds that nested on our porch light two years ago.

Again, have a great Saturday. I heart you guys!

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Whispers of Spring

I've been seeing a myriad of posts on my Blogger dashboard lately - most of them bemoaning the fact that this darn winter weather won't go away. It's actually been warmer where I live, however - we're done with snow. But what I really can't wait for is everything growing again. So here are my spring wishes to add to the ever-growing pile.

Spring is for...

Wild strawberries. They don't have any taste at all - but just look how gorgeous they are. 

Homemade peach preserves. Om-nom-nom. 


Golden rays of sunshine on vibrant green moss.

Green grass. None of this brown stuff. 

Bare feet. Oh, how I wish for eighty degree weather!


{the button for Grace's challenge wasn't really cooperating with me so click here.}

And butterflies. So simple yet so majestic. 

Have a great Friday, everyone. And be hopeful - weekend is on the horizon!

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Because Sometimes You Just Want to See Something Cute

Here are a few doses of adorableness for you.

Yes, that is a hamster. In a Don't Spill the Beans pot. Her name is Misty and she came with my friend to visit my house a couple of years ago. 

My baby sis in a half-grin. I am mega proud of this picture. 

And, to top it all off - I'm going to let you see her first ever giggle. This was a while back in the car. To explain all of the weird noise: She was laughing at my fake hiccups. 


Have a lovely afternoon! Hopefully the tornadoes that they're predicting for my neck of the woods won't come through...


In a Rainy Daze

Rainy days are for...

Hot drinks... 


Wishing for spring...



Listening... {Is it weird to listen to Christmas music in the middle of February?}


Have a marvelous day, my lovelies! 



Can I just say that I'm so excited about having twenty-two followers so far? I must apologize for not posting for a few days - I promise this term paper is going to eat me alive. Plus, we're getting ready to put the house up for sale and we've been packing everything in sight. My room is already starting to resemble a jail cell (except it has hot pink walls, of course.) Speaking of which, when I move I'm thinking of changing my room's style and color scheme a little. What's your favorite style of decor?

making faces                                                                                                  
I while back, I went to the local park (same place as the woods) with my two piano teacher's daughters (they used to babysit me!) and we goofed off with the camera. We decided to do illusion pictures, which rocked. They're both so much fun! Impromtu photo shoots are just so darn awesome.

Fun, fun...

Anna, upon approaching the bridge - "Mary, you get up on the bridge and pretend to be a goat, and I'll be the mean troll". (Tee-hee-hee!)
So, me being me, I had to make them do it.

I hope everyone is having a terrific Tuesday. Also - you need to know about a giveway. It is the weekly giveway at Oh, Horsefeathers - enter here.
Have a lovely day!


"Random" is One of My Favorite Words

Ah, yes. Another Friday. Be prepared for more un-structuredness. Such as the fact that un-structuredness is not a word.

The other day, while I was waiting for my brothers to get finished up with their piano lesson, I went into my piano teacher's backyard and practiced taking self portraits. They didn't turn out too great, but I got a few good ones.

I love pictures that focus on the eyes.

Speaking of eye pictures, I took this self portrait of my new haircut. I know it's a perfectly horrid picture overall, but it gets the point across - Mary Catherine got bangs. I haven't had bangs since I was seven!

I have a super essay/term paper to write for school. We had to pick a foreign dead person. Sterling and Sarah Beth took the two great ones - Coco Chanel and Audrey Hepburn! I'm a tad jealous. Brownie points to whoever can figure out who I picked by the below picture. (Kidding, kidding - it's pretty obvious.)

Today I made a sandwich with those awesome pickles that have just a kick of spicyness. When I was done putting them on, I realized that my sandwich had a face. Ha.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


For the Record

I hope that all of my nineteen followers (nineteen, I love saying that!) are having a terrific Wednesday! {is there any possibility that we could turn that into a nice round twenty by tomorrow?}

for the record: Today was a long school day. We had another fire drill (we had one yesterday as well).

for the record: The fire drill wasn't all bad because a) we got out of science class for a maximum of seven minutes and b) my entire science class had to buddy up with a kindergardener each, and I had to help this adorable little blond girl out of the building.

for the record: If there had been a real fire, I would have probably picked the little girl up and ran out of there. I love kindergardeners, but they walk e-x-t-r-e-m-e-l-y slowly.

for the record: I believe that math class was invented to make every one feel dimwitted.

for the record: I get to go with Sterling to see another dear school friend in The Sound of Music on Sunday. I'm way excited about it - it's one of my favorite musicals.

for the record: This warmer weather makes me want to run into the middle of a huge wheat field barefoot, plop down among the wheat stalks, and look up at the sky for hours and hours, away from the world.

for the record: I have a tiny wish for summer in the back of my mind.

for the record: This morning, my three-year-old sister knocked on my door. I opened it, and she looks me straight in the face and says in the most serious voice possible, "What do unicorns eat?". Apparently, she was trying to figure out what to feed her pillow-pet.

for the record: Who doesn't love pillow-pets?

for the record: I'm at a loss as far as how to earn a few hundred more dollars to buy my DSLR camera. The babysitting business is pretty slow right now. Any ideas?

for the record: I got an A on my last science test. I'm pretty proud of myself - that rarely happens.

for the record: I get to get a haircut tomorrow, and I'm pretty excited about it (does that sound like I have no life?). I'm going to get long side bangs. Pictures will be coming after that. Plus, I badly need a trim. Split ends, anyone?

for the record: This morning, my worst fear happened: my alarm did not go off at four twenty as it was set, and I left my grandmother sitting outside waiting for me in her car. She eventually left when I didn't come out. But it's still upsetting to miss your morning workout.

for the record: Normally, when I say that I wake up at four twenty in the morning to go work out with my grandmother at the local fitness center, people have two baffled responses: a) "Four-twenty? That's like, way early." and b) "You work out with your Grandmother?" Ha.

for the record: My grandfather gives every single grandaughter (and there are a lot) a different stuffed animal each year for Valentine's Day. The older you are, the bigger the stuffed animal. This year, I got a huge red heart (about two feet tall) with a face that's wearing sneakers. I'll definitely be posting pictures of it later.

for the record: I named it Sneakers. I'm so ridiculously original. {that was sarcasm}

And, since this post will feel blank without a picture:

{It's my grandmother's instrument. I don't have a grand piano... lament.}


Daffodils and Changing Times

Today, I had an interview for the IB program at the high school I'm going to attend next year. This was a huge stretch for me, since I've been homeschooled my entire life. I was extremely nervous. The interview went great, gladly, and I think I'll be able to get into IB.
Now, I'll admit, I'm a little - okay, a lot - apprehensive to the whole high school thing. And the whole public school thing. But God's been talking to me a lot lately. I've got to follow Him, because he's taking me where I need to be. If it's His will for me to go to a public high school, as big as a culture shock as it might seem, I can go. I'll brave the consequences if that's His path for my life.
I'm like one of the spring daffodils (no, they haven't bloomed yet. The pictures are from last year.). I know that I'm strong in my spiritual beauty and my beliefs. But I've got to open up.

Looking at these pictures makes me really wish for the spring weather. Thank goodness for the sixty degree happiness that's occuring this week!

Playing around with my watermark...

Science and math classes are tomorrow. My least favorite subjects - let's hope that the day isn't too long. 


Sugar Cookies

You know, I played a song entitled that when I first started taking piano.
A few weeks ago, my little sister and I made some sugar cookies (from a Pilsbury package, but no one cared). She's a great little baker.

baking cookies                                                                       

Step #1: Disregard the following message:

For some reason, I had never noticed this on a cookie dough package before. I cracked up. Repeat after me: You. Must. Eat. Raw. Cookie. Dough. It's like a right of passage. :)

Step #2: Let everyone know who you are. 

Ah, yes. My grandmother gave me this. Can you say awesomeness?

Step #3: Give yourself the mark of a hard-working baker. {FYI: I mean the flour on the face - not the weird eyes and funky hair in the below picture...}

Step #4: Set out all of your materials and begin rolling out the dough. 

Yes, that is a random jar of olive tapenade in the corner. Be jealous. 

Step #5: Get out the coolest fashion-conscious cookie cutters that you can find. {another gift from my grandmother}

Step #6: Attempt to cut your own cookies. Oh, yes. 

This is my miserable attempt at a camera. I still thought it was cute. 

I made the bunny in this picture (all of the crowns and the dress are real cookie cutters).

Step #7: Bake the cookies. Wait for a long time, and finally, take those babies out of the oven. 

Step #8: Watch as your entire family devours each and every cookie within the hour, and then content yourself with taking photos of your little sister's adorable slippers. 

Have a terrific day! What is your favorite thing to bake?