Because Sometimes You Just Want to See Something Cute

Here are a few doses of adorableness for you.

Yes, that is a hamster. In a Don't Spill the Beans pot. Her name is Misty and she came with my friend to visit my house a couple of years ago. 

My baby sis in a half-grin. I am mega proud of this picture. 

And, to top it all off - I'm going to let you see her first ever giggle. This was a while back in the car. To explain all of the weird noise: She was laughing at my fake hiccups. 


Have a lovely afternoon! Hopefully the tornadoes that they're predicting for my neck of the woods won't come through...


  1. Aw, appreciate your posts Mary Cat! Thanks for posting.
    The hamster picture, adorable! I loved getting to hear little one giggle. Can't believe how she is growing. I also loved the pictures at the park, very creative and fun!
    Hoping you 'weather' any storm that comes your way!
    Much love!

  2. Thanks, guys!
    Actually, we just braved a twenty minute tornado warning. My dad was picking up Arbys and we were waiting in the car. My mom's phone wouldn't work so I had to run in to Arby's and tell him that we heard the warning on the radio. Fact: running through sheets of rain when tornado sirens are going all around you is CREEPY.
    --Mary Catherine

  3. That hamster is absoloutly adorable !

    Cuteness ;)


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