Daffodils and Changing Times

Today, I had an interview for the IB program at the high school I'm going to attend next year. This was a huge stretch for me, since I've been homeschooled my entire life. I was extremely nervous. The interview went great, gladly, and I think I'll be able to get into IB.
Now, I'll admit, I'm a little - okay, a lot - apprehensive to the whole high school thing. And the whole public school thing. But God's been talking to me a lot lately. I've got to follow Him, because he's taking me where I need to be. If it's His will for me to go to a public high school, as big as a culture shock as it might seem, I can go. I'll brave the consequences if that's His path for my life.
I'm like one of the spring daffodils (no, they haven't bloomed yet. The pictures are from last year.). I know that I'm strong in my spiritual beauty and my beliefs. But I've got to open up.

Looking at these pictures makes me really wish for the spring weather. Thank goodness for the sixty degree happiness that's occuring this week!

Playing around with my watermark...

Science and math classes are tomorrow. My least favorite subjects - let's hope that the day isn't too long. 


  1. omg love it!! that is sooo creative!!

  2. Everything you said was sooooo true! I am sure you will be fine! And I LOVE the pix!


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