For the Record {2}

I hope that you guys are having a thoroughly relaxing Saturday!

for the record: My brothers have had a basketball game almost every day this week. One does get tired of screaming parents.

for the record: Sara Beth has a terrible Bieber fever. Now she's trying to convert us all to Beliebers. But I don't think I could every really be a fan of someone who is five inches shorter than myself at age sixteen and still sings in a higher voice than a lot of people. No offense intended.

for the record: I really want to start doing fashion posts, but to take pictures of my outfits, I need to wait until I get my DSLR camera. Still trying to find money-making outlets for that...

for the record: I'm so over winter.

for the record: It has been grey outside for the past three days - I want the sun to emerge!

for the record: I. Want. Spring. {kind of seeing a pattern here...}

for the record: I've been entering a ton of giveaways lately but haven't won any yet.

for the record: I've moved some things around - the munchkins page is now up and all of the blogs I follow are on the literature page.

for the record: My room is looking bleaker and bleaker, with boxes all around.

for the record: We had a tornado Thursday night, but it didn't hit us.

for the record: I have to audition for the high school choir on March 1st. Urgh.

for the record: I really want to go thrift store shopping.

Adorable baby birds that nested on our porch light two years ago.

Again, have a great Saturday. I heart you guys!

P.S. Check out the giveaway at Hannah's Hangout!


  1. LOL ! You sound like me going to basketball games :) My sister , my dad , and my brother , all play basketball ... So , I feel like I need to support them . But literally ... I'm getting sick of complaining parents and basketballs bouncing !lol !

    Great Post !

  2. Cool, I can't wait to look at the pages!

  3. Haha, I'm not a Belieber either...and I love the little bird nest. So cute :)

  4. creative pic!! an...love the munchkin page. :)


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