For the Record

I hope that all of my nineteen followers (nineteen, I love saying that!) are having a terrific Wednesday! {is there any possibility that we could turn that into a nice round twenty by tomorrow?}

for the record: Today was a long school day. We had another fire drill (we had one yesterday as well).

for the record: The fire drill wasn't all bad because a) we got out of science class for a maximum of seven minutes and b) my entire science class had to buddy up with a kindergardener each, and I had to help this adorable little blond girl out of the building.

for the record: If there had been a real fire, I would have probably picked the little girl up and ran out of there. I love kindergardeners, but they walk e-x-t-r-e-m-e-l-y slowly.

for the record: I believe that math class was invented to make every one feel dimwitted.

for the record: I get to go with Sterling to see another dear school friend in The Sound of Music on Sunday. I'm way excited about it - it's one of my favorite musicals.

for the record: This warmer weather makes me want to run into the middle of a huge wheat field barefoot, plop down among the wheat stalks, and look up at the sky for hours and hours, away from the world.

for the record: I have a tiny wish for summer in the back of my mind.

for the record: This morning, my three-year-old sister knocked on my door. I opened it, and she looks me straight in the face and says in the most serious voice possible, "What do unicorns eat?". Apparently, she was trying to figure out what to feed her pillow-pet.

for the record: Who doesn't love pillow-pets?

for the record: I'm at a loss as far as how to earn a few hundred more dollars to buy my DSLR camera. The babysitting business is pretty slow right now. Any ideas?

for the record: I got an A on my last science test. I'm pretty proud of myself - that rarely happens.

for the record: I get to get a haircut tomorrow, and I'm pretty excited about it (does that sound like I have no life?). I'm going to get long side bangs. Pictures will be coming after that. Plus, I badly need a trim. Split ends, anyone?

for the record: This morning, my worst fear happened: my alarm did not go off at four twenty as it was set, and I left my grandmother sitting outside waiting for me in her car. She eventually left when I didn't come out. But it's still upsetting to miss your morning workout.

for the record: Normally, when I say that I wake up at four twenty in the morning to go work out with my grandmother at the local fitness center, people have two baffled responses: a) "Four-twenty? That's like, way early." and b) "You work out with your Grandmother?" Ha.

for the record: My grandfather gives every single grandaughter (and there are a lot) a different stuffed animal each year for Valentine's Day. The older you are, the bigger the stuffed animal. This year, I got a huge red heart (about two feet tall) with a face that's wearing sneakers. I'll definitely be posting pictures of it later.

for the record: I named it Sneakers. I'm so ridiculously original. {that was sarcasm}

And, since this post will feel blank without a picture:

{It's my grandmother's instrument. I don't have a grand piano... lament.}


  1. Ooh, I love the picture!

    Congrats on your science test, I wish I had the brain for science. Oh well.

    I'm glad that I came to follow, your blog is awesome!

    As for money raising ideas... depending on how much time you have, you could host a summer camp sort of thing for a week for girls. You could make it have a theme like dancing, art or acting, or you could just make it a fun play sort of thing.

    You could also have a bake sale, and when the weather gets warmer, a car wash. You could design something like recover notebooks or make hair pins or something.

    You could publish a book. (I'm joking about that, but it would be fun :)

    You could sell some pictures or offer to give photo shoots for people for a low price or something.

    I hope that helped!



  2. I'd like to hope your 'tiny' summer wish begins with F L ;)
    Ah, I'm sure it's probably something much different, alas :(
    Love your posts Mary Cat! Your pictures are beautiful!
    I too always loved to run in open fields, barefoot, loving the outdoor freshness and sunshine.
    You my dear niece are beautiful especially because of whose you are.
    Much love...
    P.S. Congrats on your Science test and way to go on your interview! Keep being willing to be s t r e c h e d...you'd hate to miss where God might want you :)

  3. What DSLR are you planning on getting? I bought both my Nikon d3000 and Nikon d90's refurbished from adorama.com... saved me hundreds of dollars. Refurbished products are just as good as new products. They're inspected and fixed completely (if needed) before they are sent to you. Just a thought if you're tight on money. I bought a refurbished Nikon d3000 for only $400, including a lens.

    As fas as saving up the money, just keep on babysitting as much as possible and don't spend a cent. Have you asked your parents if they know anyone with small kids you can watch? Also see if your parents or grandparents are willing to chip in a little, if they're able.

    I totally feel ya on those split ends - I'm getting mine cut on Saturday. :)

    And congrats on that Science test!! That's great.

    Much love,

    PS: Thanks for the follow :).

  4. To amend my previous comment, I wasn't trying to advertise or anything :). I just have had great experiences buying from adorama.com and thought I'd share.

  5. Kate - thanks for the advice! I'll definitely look into that.

    Aunt Shannan - I hope we can make it down there over the summer!

    iGirl - Thanks for following! I'm glad you like the blog.

    --Mary Catherine

  6. Congrats on your A in science! --science is one of my least favorite subjects, too...

    Just for the record I could never get up at 4:20...I'm sound asleep in dreamland about that time!

    P.S. I made your follower count an even 20! =D

  7. Every post is better than the last. I'm going to have a hard time choosing favorite's ;)

  8. love the grand piano pic. cant wait 2 go and c the dound of music w/ u either. as far as money ideas... srry but i havent got any. :( all of my money goes in the bank for "college." ive saved up about $1000 in there, but there is 1 prob...once it goes in it doesnt come out. im goin 2 bcome a millionaire that doesnt use any money!! lol. so, bottom line im broke.
    glad u have an even 20 now!! it looks good...u have 2 pages!! :)

  9. pps
    when r u going 2 make that "meet the munchkins" page? that will b sooooo awsome!!

  10. ppps
    srry bout all of these comments, but every time i hit that evil little button, post comment, i think of something else 2 say!! now, 1 more thing. i love ur new header!!! ok, now if i think of anything else i'll keep it 2 myself. :) i no wat all of u r thinking (mcat included) i read all of this just 2 find out she like the header? lol


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