"Random" is One of My Favorite Words

Ah, yes. Another Friday. Be prepared for more un-structuredness. Such as the fact that un-structuredness is not a word.

The other day, while I was waiting for my brothers to get finished up with their piano lesson, I went into my piano teacher's backyard and practiced taking self portraits. They didn't turn out too great, but I got a few good ones.

I love pictures that focus on the eyes.

Speaking of eye pictures, I took this self portrait of my new haircut. I know it's a perfectly horrid picture overall, but it gets the point across - Mary Catherine got bangs. I haven't had bangs since I was seven!

I have a super essay/term paper to write for school. We had to pick a foreign dead person. Sterling and Sarah Beth took the two great ones - Coco Chanel and Audrey Hepburn! I'm a tad jealous. Brownie points to whoever can figure out who I picked by the below picture. (Kidding, kidding - it's pretty obvious.)

Today I made a sandwich with those awesome pickles that have just a kick of spicyness. When I was done putting them on, I realized that my sandwich had a face. Ha.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. Haha, awesome as picture's! Nice sandwich, M.Cat;)
    I love weekends, hope yours is great :)

  2. Jane Austen rocks! Then again, so do Audrey Hepburn and Coco Chanel. Have a good time with it.

    By the way--the self portrait on top is epic! You look amazing!!!!

  3. Hey M.Cat,
    Love the pictures! btw, pickles are so yummy! Do you know of any Photography contest for kids to enter? My younger sister loves taking pictures and has been looking for a place to enter some of her work. (she is 11) know of any? Thanks! :D

  4. Lovely sandwich! Hey, at least it was a friendly one and it smiled at you instead of frowned! And I love your bangs- they're so cute!

  5. Tess - I've been looking for some lately myself, but I haven't really found any great ones. You might look at National Geographic Kids or something similar to that.
    --Mary Catherine

  6. Thanks M.Cat, We will look there! :D

  7. Great! And btw, you chose your foreign dead person before i even did! so therefore, you had the option of coco. But oh well its alittle late now. But I loved the pics!!! Except 4 the black and white one..you look a little more gothic than i think u were shooting 4!


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