Sugar Cookies

You know, I played a song entitled that when I first started taking piano.
A few weeks ago, my little sister and I made some sugar cookies (from a Pilsbury package, but no one cared). She's a great little baker.

baking cookies                                                                       

Step #1: Disregard the following message:

For some reason, I had never noticed this on a cookie dough package before. I cracked up. Repeat after me: You. Must. Eat. Raw. Cookie. Dough. It's like a right of passage. :)

Step #2: Let everyone know who you are. 

Ah, yes. My grandmother gave me this. Can you say awesomeness?

Step #3: Give yourself the mark of a hard-working baker. {FYI: I mean the flour on the face - not the weird eyes and funky hair in the below picture...}

Step #4: Set out all of your materials and begin rolling out the dough. 

Yes, that is a random jar of olive tapenade in the corner. Be jealous. 

Step #5: Get out the coolest fashion-conscious cookie cutters that you can find. {another gift from my grandmother}

Step #6: Attempt to cut your own cookies. Oh, yes. 

This is my miserable attempt at a camera. I still thought it was cute. 

I made the bunny in this picture (all of the crowns and the dress are real cookie cutters).

Step #7: Bake the cookies. Wait for a long time, and finally, take those babies out of the oven. 

Step #8: Watch as your entire family devours each and every cookie within the hour, and then content yourself with taking photos of your little sister's adorable slippers. 

Have a terrific day! What is your favorite thing to bake? 


  1. My favorite thing to bake? Deserts. DEFINITELY deserts! :)

    Your little sister is so cute and her slippers are to die for! Too adorable!

    Oh, and those cookies? Yum. I'd like to order a package of 500 right now, please. ;)

  2. love the flour pics. ur little sis is adorable with flour all ova her face!! lol. and the slippers...idk who julia is, but i agree w/ her 100%!!!


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