Because We All Love Cameras...

I vlogged because I was too lazy to write {ha. kidding.}... enjoy.


Okay, so I can't resist asking - don't you think she's adorable? My little sis, that is. Not me! Ha. 
Sorry this post wasn't up earlier. The video took an unearthly long time to load. {blogger video uploader, I hate you}

It's spring break {squeal}! But hopefully my little cough will go away in time for us to go to the lake... currently half of my family is sick. Today was decent, though - I slept. And slept some more. Oh, and I hate daylight savings. Just saying. I mean, Benjamin Franklin was a brilliant individual, but making the world lose an hour was not one of his highlights. 

Oh, and I apologize for looking at the screen a lot and not the camera. Who doesn't do that? Urgh.

{love from mcat}

P.S. There's a terrific giveway going on over at Aspire. Go check it out!


  1. Hahaha she is sooo cute! :P

    I'm painting my room white. no shame in that. :)

  2. Oh my goodness--she is soo adorable! =D

    And your family is very *normal* Just let me tell you that your brothers should never meet up with my brothers--disaster would strike the whole world because they are way to much alike. =P jk, but seriously they acted just like mine. ;)

    My room is very pink right now, but I would love to paint it white. I share a bedroom with my sisters and they really wanted it pink. *sigh* oh well!

  3. She is soooooo cute!!! She kind of sounds like Agnes from Despicable Me :)

    Awesome video :)

  4. Adorable!!

    And thank you so much for reblogging the Aspire Giveaway of my Spring Bloom Necklaces <3 I really appreciate that!


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