Meet the Cutest Thing on Four Paws

We came home from the lake with an unexpected new family member.
Meet - Tonto.

You have permission to "Aaaaawwww!" 
 Tonto followed my mom and I back to the lakehouse from a walk around the block. He stayed overnight, even though we hadn't fed him, and the next morning he ran six miles with my dad, never leaving his side. Hello, loyalty! He zonked out on the porch after that, and stayed for two days at the house. We gave him water, but no food. We didn't want to get attached. Too late.
Finally, we started feeding him bread because it didn't look like he was going home either way. The day before we had to leave we took him to the humane society in Heber Springs - just a short thirty minute drive from where we were in Arkansas - and gave him up.
An hour later, we went back and got him. Fate is funny that way.

We found out from a neighbor that three or four dogs get dropped off a week at the little isle where my grandfather's lakehouse is located (it's called Mystic Isle - isn't that pretty?). We're not sure what Tonto's background is - he's terrific with every person he's come in contact with so far and he seems half trained because he never barks, chews, or acts aggressive. We took him to the vet on Monday, and the vet said that he is only eight weeks old. 

I've started calling him our providential puppy. The exact day that we decided to keep him was the exact day that my grandparent's had to put their dog of fourteen years to sleep. So now they have a new grandpuppy to spoil! 

Isn't he gorgeous? After some research, we decided that he's a shar pei lab mix, meaning he's the most perfect family dog you could ever want. And he loves us a lot.

Before we decided to keep him, he slept outside on the porch every single night outside my parent's bedroom. 

You have permission to "Aaaawwww!" again...

Have a good Wednesday (or Thursday, or whenever you get around to reading this...)!
PS: For the record, he is tied with my rabbit for cuteness...


  1. Permission granted? In that case...Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

    Okay, I'm good. ;)

    Love his name, by the way.


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