Off for a Holiday

Reason #176 why I should move to Europe: In England, they call any sort of break or vacation a holiday. Even if it's not, technically, a holiday (correct me if I'm wrong...).

My next stop? The lake house! *relaxed sigh*
The giggling waves, the rushing of the wind in the trees, and the shore of the lake in the backyard... it's like a haven. Sometimes I like the lake more than the beach. And I just want to gulp gallons of the fresh air as soon as we get there.
I won't be back until Sunday, so I hope you can hang on without me during my absence. {kidding, kidding. I know you people have lives.}

{from last November's trip to the lake}

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  1. Aw, you're so lucky! Have a good time at your holiday! :)


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