Think Warm, Happy Thoughts...

Today, it was thirty-eight degrees when I woke up. Yes, thirty-eight. I'm at the point where I want to stare up at the sky and scream, "People! It is spring break! It's supposed to be warm!!"
Oh, well.
Nevertheless, it warmed up to a nice sixty degrees by this afternoon (only where I live would it do that), and we all went outside to gulp warm air. It was a nice way to forget the hideous sign in my front yard (yes, I have a very low opinion of it. what tipped you off?).

The daffodils have started to flourish in the backyard, and they smell heavenly as well...

These are hydrangea blooms. They burst into gorgeous purple, pink, and blue blossoms towards the end of spring. 

These purple flowers are teeny tiny. Still pretty though. The birds eat them sometimes.

The sun was gorgeous, so I told my mom to set T. on the grass so I could have a mini photo shoot.

She didn't have a very high opinion of the grass...

This is T. with half of a smile. She moved around too much for me to get a full one!

Of course, M. had to get in on the act too.

P.S. Oh, and guess who came back to my house today? Meet Flurry the traveling butterfly! Isn't he cute?


  1. Those pink flowers are so pretty! And 60 degrees? You are so lucky! :)

  2. *sigh* Spring...

    :) Great pictures.



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