You Never Know What's Going to Happen...

When you get Madi (formerly Frogger) and I together.
Before I start in on our adventures, however, I would like to deeply apologize for my baby  camera. The poor little point-and-shoot is on its death bed. I uploaded all of these pictures and realized that they were the worst batch yet - they all have this weird, grainy quality. I feel much more comfortable using my grandmother's camera (a Canon DSLR). Ideally, I'm saving up for this baby. But I have monthsandmonthsandmonths to go until I reach that. *sobs*

Okay - so on Sunday, I went home from church with Madison and hung out at her house until the church dinner that night. We had a blast before we even left the church because her mom had to stay late and do some things. {for the record: the word of the day was awesomesauce}

mirrors + cameras + mcat + madi = awesome
What the nuts am I doing with my face in this picture? My eyes are so wide - I look like I've seen the light or something...

blurry *sobs again* but still cool

When we made it back to her house, we did what we are notorious for - we put together outfits and had an impromptu photo shoot. We went down to this awesome melancholy playground down the street from her house - no one plays there and the swings are rusty. It's like a haunted movie set or something. 

Look at the awesomesauce old jungle gym! {there - I used it in a sentence for you}

I was going for the old polaroid style with this edit...

This one looked so cool that I had to edit it a little...

It kind of looks like a book cover, doesn't it? 

This is my favorite picture of the entire day that Madi took. She has a great eye for photos.

Of course I had to edit it too. Which do you like better, black or white?

Does this picture look like it belongs in a teenage style magazine or what?

Do you see how cool this playground is??

And my attempt... fail. 
Here's a video chronicling the day's events - enjoy!


Happy mid-week! {xo}


  1. The pictures are sooooo cute! You guys looked like you were having tons of fun!

  2. AH! That is the coolest video ever! ( I love the end) The pictures aren't to bad after you edited them! I love it. We did pretty good!

  3. I love love love those pics mcat and madi!! u guys never cease 2 amuse me!!

  4. Ya'll are too cute.
    Love you both.

  5. loved the pics and i REALLY loved the video. ur really good at that stuff. liked the end too! I will see u tomorrow. and i cant wait till the Veritas Diaries!!!! Sterling told me about my little intro..."What? No! What? No!" :p
    and u really need a facebook u would really enjoy it


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