Dance Like No One's Watching

Today was our final ballet rehearsal before recital on Monday. It was delightful.

Sara Beth and our friend Rebekah (I probably just spelled that wrong, didn't I? There are two Rebekah/Rebeccas in our class).
 Stretching is, obviously, very important.

This is Sara Beth's little sister:

More friends...

I also help with a class of five-to-six year olds, and they often play the bubblegum game to pass the time. You know -

I have a mirror obsession...

Katherine and Sara Beth. You might have heard about Katherine on Sara Beth's blog.
 Of course, our class has our own rituals to pass the time. Like snap/clap routines.
They get pretty competitive.

Madison also helps with a class, but it's a younger three year old class. Too cute!

wish this wasn't so blurry...

Overall, it was a good run through. Hopefully the recital will go well on Monday! We're doing Aurora's Wedding, which is a bit like an extension of Sleeping Beauty.
For the record, I took many many more pictures today, but they were all of little girls in the other classes and the class that I help with (not to brag, but they kind of adore me. ha.), and unless I ask their parents, I wouldn't want to post them here. You know - the whole stalker thing.
Have a great weekend!


Beware of Miscellany

puppy schooling                                                     
We took Tonto to his first obedience lesson last night. It was adorable. Period.

my mom's photo

a fairy tale come true                                               
I got up at four o'clock this morning to watch the royal wedding (told you I would!). I even made tea to stick with the theme. It was gorgeous. The ceremony was beautiful. The little flower girls/bridesmaids? Adorable. The hats? Epic (although half of their wearers looked like they were going to a costume show). The dress?
Ohmygoodness, the dress.

It was gorgeous. The end.

Tomorrow I have piano festival at nine o'clock, then I have to go straight to ballet dress rehearsal in the theatre at ten. Ballet recital is on Monday. Everything seems to collide in May - but I do love it.

summer. is. near.                                                     
I keep chanting it to myself over and over - and yet I still can't believe it. Saying goodbye to friends is terribly hard, especially with the daunting fact that I won't be homeschooled next year lingering over my head.

school reports can lead to strange things                 
I have a country report due Tuesday and school, about Syria. I was looking up Syrian animals and came across this picture:

source unknown

And that, dear followers, is the reason that I now have a strange obsession with baby camels.
Moving on...

they make me laugh                                        
These two crack me up. 

i'm kind of in love                                                 
I really, really like these cuties. 

whoops - forgot a watermark. Oh well.

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If you waded through all of that, congrats. Happy Friday!



Polka Dot is having a fantabulous portrait contest with some fantastic prizes. So hop on over!
Oh - come back. First look at my entries, please. Ha.

This is still my favorite picture ever. And I still think it looks like an album cover.

This is a completely priceless moment, taken last winter. My cutest picture ever.



Raindrops on Roses

    In case you haven't noticed, it's been raining where I live. Kind of a lot. But I love it.

And the best thing? The raindrops.

The little beads of water that grace the leaves.

They're like shining crystals.

So beautiful that you want to pluck one off and string it onto a necklace for yourself.

They reflect every color of the rainbow, shining in the sunlight that peeps out after the storm.

I love raindrops.

And even better?

The fact that my grandmother's camera is in my possession for a week and I can do justice to their glittering goodness.

It's amazing that God can hold the entire world in His palm and yet still take the time to create something so delicate for us to enjoy.

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live your life


The bokeh! Ohmigoodness.

Do you like raindrops?