An Awards Ceremony

Okay, so not really a ceremony. But excuse me for trying to come up with a title other than "I got the Stylish Blogger Award!"
Okay - so I did. Thank you so much to Eve for thinking me worthy of it!

Here are the rules:

1. Thank the person who gave you the award.

2. Write seven things about yourself.

3. Pass on to seven other bloggers.

4. Tell the seven awardees of their award!

Seven things about me - hmm...

1. I am a notebook addict. Seriously - I have so many of them, all filled with everything from biblestudies to fiction.

2. I love riding horses, but I only get to do it about once a year.

3. I love love love working with little kids. I help with my little cousin's ballet class and in the nursery at church... aww...

4. Summer has never been my favorite season because where I live it gets too hot too quickly.

5. My back pops about seven times every time I twist to the left.

6. I love jewelry. Every time I walk into an accesory store like Charming Charlie's I wish for a thousand dollars.

7. My hair is uncurlable. I promise. I got a perm last summer that was supposed to stay for four months and it only stayed for two weeks - and not even at it's full extent. *sob*

I'm going to award this to:

Kate at Little Somethings

Julie at The Memphis Sligers

Bella Skye at Bella Skye Photography

Autumn at An Autumn Day

Madison at Improv

Sara Beth at Purple{ish} 24/7

Emii at Girlz 4 God

Also - linking up to Carlotta's photo challenge! I love this picture - from the complexity of the bird's nest to the simplicity of the dogwood blooms and the pale blue of the cloudless sky, this photo just says spring all the way for me.

{ohmygoodness! guess who finally figured out how to post buttons without them turning into ugly blue question-mark boxes? yeah - I'm slow.}
Love all of you so much! {xoxo}


  1. coolio!!! thats really awesome!!!

  2. I'm so lost. haha you said you where awarding-what?-to me? I'm so confused. :P Love your picture! You should so win. It's amazing.

  3. Madi - You repost it and follow the rules, answering the questions and awarding it to seven other people.
    --Mary Catherine

  4. Beautiful pictures! I'm now following :)


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