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puppy schooling                                                     
We took Tonto to his first obedience lesson last night. It was adorable. Period.

my mom's photo

a fairy tale come true                                               
I got up at four o'clock this morning to watch the royal wedding (told you I would!). I even made tea to stick with the theme. It was gorgeous. The ceremony was beautiful. The little flower girls/bridesmaids? Adorable. The hats? Epic (although half of their wearers looked like they were going to a costume show). The dress?
Ohmygoodness, the dress.

It was gorgeous. The end.

Tomorrow I have piano festival at nine o'clock, then I have to go straight to ballet dress rehearsal in the theatre at ten. Ballet recital is on Monday. Everything seems to collide in May - but I do love it.

summer. is. near.                                                     
I keep chanting it to myself over and over - and yet I still can't believe it. Saying goodbye to friends is terribly hard, especially with the daunting fact that I won't be homeschooled next year lingering over my head.

school reports can lead to strange things                 
I have a country report due Tuesday and school, about Syria. I was looking up Syrian animals and came across this picture:

source unknown

And that, dear followers, is the reason that I now have a strange obsession with baby camels.
Moving on...

they make me laugh                                        
These two crack me up. 

i'm kind of in love                                                 
I really, really like these cuties. 

whoops - forgot a watermark. Oh well.

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If you waded through all of that, congrats. Happy Friday!


  1. i LOVED the royal wedding!!!! i want one now!!!

  2. Wonderful photos. I got up at 3am to watch the wedding. It was so special. Tired now though. V


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