Comics of a Crawling Laugh-Creator

My little sister makes me crack up. She's almost one year old and she's just started crawling everywhere. She's too adorable. So of course the camera comes out in front of her face about fifteen times a day. She likes to get really close to it.

And I mean, really close.

Or she'll just try to grab it.

Other times, she is unaware of a moment being captured.

{my mom took this picture}

I have absolutely no idea how I managed the below picture. All I know is that I love it. I didn't even use special lighting effects or anything like that - I think we were just in front of a really bright window. And isn't that expression completely and absolutely priceless?

She's very curious.

So now we have our very own, almost - talking, almost - walking comedian in the house. She has a thousand different expressions.

{also taken by my mom}

okay, so the caption isn't original... 

If you haven't laughed by the end of this post, you have problems. Seriously - call your doctor.


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  1. :) So I take it you love her too much to send her to me??? Jk.

  2. She's so cute! My little sister is turning one next month. She gets into anything and everything. But I love her. :)

  3. No need to call the doctor here--she really put the 'laugh' in LOL for me. ;) So cute! Love her many expressions...

  4. Oh I loved this post with all the sweet images of the lil one added with the comments!

  5. omg those r adorable!! and of all people you shouldnt be worried about me for laughing!! lol

  6. So darling! Love these pictures:-)

  7. adorable. Thank you for following by blog by the way.
    Tessa Brooke
    PS Your header is amazing. :)

  8. Ah-dorable :) I remember when my sister was that little!


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