Dance Like No One's Watching

Today was our final ballet rehearsal before recital on Monday. It was delightful.

Sara Beth and our friend Rebekah (I probably just spelled that wrong, didn't I? There are two Rebekah/Rebeccas in our class).
 Stretching is, obviously, very important.

This is Sara Beth's little sister:

More friends...

I also help with a class of five-to-six year olds, and they often play the bubblegum game to pass the time. You know -

I have a mirror obsession...

Katherine and Sara Beth. You might have heard about Katherine on Sara Beth's blog.
 Of course, our class has our own rituals to pass the time. Like snap/clap routines.
They get pretty competitive.

Madison also helps with a class, but it's a younger three year old class. Too cute!

wish this wasn't so blurry...

Overall, it was a good run through. Hopefully the recital will go well on Monday! We're doing Aurora's Wedding, which is a bit like an extension of Sleeping Beauty.
For the record, I took many many more pictures today, but they were all of little girls in the other classes and the class that I help with (not to brag, but they kind of adore me. ha.), and unless I ask their parents, I wouldn't want to post them here. You know - the whole stalker thing.
Have a great weekend!


  1. Dancing on pointe!!! I wanted to SO BAD!! But I stopped ballet before I did :( Great pictures :))
    -Jocee <3

  2. Mirror obsessions are great ;)

  3. whooohooo! :) cute pics...i look so awful..but it WAS ballet rehearsal..! lol! Had fun! c u tomorrow night for recital!


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