For the Record

for the record: I've decided to not number the "for the record" posts anymore because if I keep doing them I think it'd be annoying to see "for the record {47}" or something like that.

for the record: Rain. Every single day for the past week, or so it seems. We had a tornado warning on Tuesday night. Unfortunately, I wasn't stuck in Charming Charlie's this time. I was up at about eleven o'clock p.m. working on a math word problem booklet when the sirens went off  and we all had to stuff into the closet under our stairs. Fun, fun.

for the record: I've decided to give running a shot. I tried it this morning for an hour - er, that is, I ran for about ten minutes altogether before I lost my breath and fast-walked for fifty. But I'm going to stick with it and try to get better and run for longer distances. Any tips?

for the record: In school for literature we're reading Frankenstein. It's almost as bad as Robinson Crusoe. Almost. On Tuesday we had to make our own monsters, so Kendall (formerly Sterling), Sarah and I made a ridiculously cute killer horse. (the paper-curled roses are by Sarah and I love them - she's so artsy).

Oh, yes. You don't want to meet this horsey girl at night. She murders and steals from bakeries.

for the record: Ohmygoodness Easter is this weekend. I really can't believe it came so fast. I can't wait to wear my dress, though.

for the record: The royal wedding is on April 29th. It's on at eleven o'clock, which means five o'clock in the morning my time. Guess who's going to be an early bird on April 29th? Is anyone else watching it?

for the record: Soul Surfer is an amazing movie. If you haven't seen it, you need to go. Now. Seriously, open another internet window and order tickets online or something.

for the record: Ballet recital is so so so close... and I can't wait to photograph our rehearsal and a little bit of the actual backstage goodness the night of the performance. Each class has a different colored skirt, and we normally take on the image of a rainbow when we're crammed into the wings. So lovely...

for the record: Family pictures are this Saturday. I've always liked them - it's like a photo shoot. Kind of.

Have faith, dear followers. The weekend is near!
PS: Giveaway at Horsefeathers!


  1. I sometimes go running with my dad, but I hate it. My advice is just to go slow and easy, or you'll get shin-splints. And you don't want those, they're horrible. Just warm up, and run a little, adding on a little each time.
    I REALLY want to see Soul Surfer. I plan on buying it as soon as it comes out!

  2. haha yes r horsie is TOTALLY AWESOME!! lol. no tips for running. i, kendall, CANNOT RUN!! i just cant do it. end of story. i am so excited for the wedding!! but im not about 2 get up at 5 2 watch it. that is why re runs exsist. :)
    looking forward 2 cing those dance pics!!

  3. I just wanted to tell you thanks for the comment on my blog! I didn't finish Happy Monday because this weekend is crazy and not that many people linked up. I didn't find time yesterday or today to write the post so that's why. Hope you understand! :)


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