Musings of a Stormy Monday

{Alternative title: How it came about that Sterling and I became locked in Charming Charlie's}

So I woke up today, and it was muggy. Like, walk-outside-and-within-five-seconds-your-hair-is-a-fuzzball muggy. And eighty degrees. Only where I live, people.
Sterling and I needed color-coordinating dresses for the duet that we're doing on Thursday night (hmm, I'll have to post a preview of that), so I suggested Charming Charlie's because, of course, they're already color-coded and logically, it would be easier to find matching dresses.
We had walked around the store around five times (please tell me I'm not the only person who gets way too distracted by accessories to look at dresses) when Sterling's mom checked the weather on her phone and realized that a tornado warning was heading our way. We all huddled next to the counter (we were basically the only customers in the store at that point) while the employees checked the weather on their own phones and decided it was time to batten down the hatches. The wind was so strong that the doors had started flying open in the front, and they had to lock them to keep the rain from coming in. We had to get into the back storeroom/employee hangout (in Charming Charlie's - is this registering with anyone else as a paradise situation?) and wait for the storm to pass. Plus, they had Oreos and shortbread cookies left over from a recent party. I wasn't complaining.
Charming Charlie's+Cookies+Locked In = hello, awesome!
We only had to stay in the back for about ten or fifteen minutes, just chatting and feeling completely safe - after all, I was glad I wasn't at home hiding away in our little crammed downstairs closet. And if I have to brave a tornado, I'd much rather be in the best accessory store on the entire planet.
We finally made our way back into the store, and the pitch-dark skies started to clear even though it was still sheeting rain. And of course, I had forgotten an umbrella.
We resumed looking for dresses (do you know how frustrating it is for a 5'10" girl to walk into a store with adorably irresistible dresses - that only come down to her mid-thigh?) and finally found a good pair that we could accessorize at will. We grabbed a few cute necklaces and vests and we were ready for a performance. I'll have to post pictures of our outfits later as well.

Sterling came over to my house later in the afternoon to run through the song again, and after that we were bored so we went outside to take rainy day pictures in my yard. By then it was fifty degrees (again - only where I live).

Yes, I was that bored. What tipped you off? Ignore the weird expression. Thank you.

I'm really not sure why I took a picture of Sterling and her cell phone...

Oh, and it gets better. We decided to mess around on the Mac's photobooth.

No speak evil...

No hear evil...

No see evil...

Is that how it goes?

My brother joined us with his motherload of silly bandz... See Sterling's hands on the chair? And that point is her head, I believe.

Happy Monday! {xo}
PS: Because I keep forgetting to mention this: be sure to check out my mom's page!


  1. Those flower pictures are beautiful- the depth of field is amazing! Great captures!


  2. Those pics turned out really well mcat!! i cant say the same for mine... :( lol

  3. oh...and i forgot 2 say...love love love x10 the post!!!!! :)

  4. love it! and how in the WORLD did u get so many people following ur blog?

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  6. WOW! This pictures are amazing!!!! Your really good!!!!


  7. The flower pictures are GORGEOUS! Have you ever taken a photography class? :)

  8. Noel - actually, I never have. It's just something I sort of picked up last year.
    --Mary Catherine


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