Purple Feet

I want you to pretend that you have just walked over fire. Now imagine that someone has been pounding your toes with a hammer.
Congratulations! You now know just about how I felt after my two hour extra ballet rehearsal en pointe today. Ha. I took off of my shoes and my toes were purple.

I love ballet. I started when I was seven years old, because, of course, every seven year old wants to be a ballerina. But now it's something more - now I do it for the love of being graceful.

I started pointe at the beginning of the school year. Yeah, it hurts - but it's worth it because pointe shoes are just so darn photogenic!

And in case you were wondering... 

Madison took these two.

These were all taken while we had a break in the action.

Note: Those are my friend's shoes above - my ribbons do not look that pretty once I'm done tying them. More like tucked under, please-stay-for-the-whole-rehearsal-without-falling-out knots.

Have a wonderful Wednesday! I'm going to go soak my feet in saltwater...
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  1. Wow, I love pointe shoe pictures. I'm sorry though, on your last post about ballet where I mention fouettes, I spelled it wrong. That's so embarrassing.

    Cool pictures!

  2. Youch! I hope your feet feel better soon. I think that my feet would die a thousand deaths in ballet shoes... I have major troll feet (read, widewidewide).

    These pictures are so pretty! I absolutely LOVE the perspectives in the last three. :)


  3. Pretty pictures! I tried ballet when I was younger, and I loved it. Guess I should try it again! :)

  4. Ouch ! Well, it's worth it is it not??

  5. those r awesome!! yep. my feet would hurt 2 after 2 hours of point!! lol :)

  6. Oh wow. Two hours of pointe?! yeah, my feet would hurt like crazy...they are very relieved as it is when I take them off after just half that time. =P

    I'm loving the photos! Especially the b&w ones. Pointe shoes are very photogenic I've decided. =D

  7. exactly THAT would be why I am not doing ballet next year. I liked this year but I just don't think I can handle it anymore...


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