So I Seriously Love These Two...

Sara Beth and Sterling... they never fail to make me laugh. Ever.

I take a sort of video diary at school every few weeks and here are the highlights:
{note: they aren't the only people in the diaries. I just put together the best clips of them.}
Also: you get to see Sara Beth's personal description of her unicorn!


 So again - I love these girls. Whatever will I do when we get older and go our separate ways?


  1. AWWW! i feel so honered!!!....i dont think thats how you spell it...whatever who cares! I love u too!!! i was sitting at my computer CRACKING UP! i couldnt quit laughing! I still cant pull off evil..how depressing.

  2. omg that is soooo hilarious!!! hahahaha!!!

  3. omg that still cracks me up...

  4. Awwwww :) The video's great, haha... oh yeah! Sarah Beth, just for the record, I think your unicorn beat Alli's ;) I'm debating over making one myself... hmmmm...


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