Darkening Skies

Hey, blogging friends. It's me.
Remember me? The bad blogger who hasn't written a post in like, four days?
You remembered! Nice to see you again.
This afternoon we had a showing so we piled in the car to head to my grandmother's house. While we were there, we became aware of a tornado warning that was in affect until ten o'clock tonight.
The funny thing is, it was completely sunny. 

Storms are a cause of paranoia around here. We sit by the tv, huddled and watching the news.
I used to be scared of tornado warnings, but now we've had so many that I'm getting used to them.

That being said, they are still not my favorite thing in the world.

So overall, today was a pretty laid back day. After the showing, we headed home and watched anxiously as the skies began to cloud over what had been a once-sunny day.

It's been raining so much lately that we have a healthy crop of mushrooms in the backyard. Fungi is suprisingly photogenic.


We went outside and played with bubbles for a little while.

Who could ask for more perfect weather to watch the Oprah finale? {kidding}

As I'm typing this, it has just started raining. The skies are dark. Church has been canceled. The aura is of impending fright.
For those of you who prefer predictable weather, I have a tip:
Don't move here. Or if you've already moved here and hate the current weather, stick around for about fifteen minutes. It will change.


  1. Amazing photos! BTW You won something from my blog party :) Check out my blog!

  2. Love the photos! It has been raining where I live but not every day. About twice a week. :)

  3. haha so true!! good pics though!!


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