For the Record...

for the record: I'm still here. Oh look, the world didn't end.

for the record: You do not know how awesome it is to be able to say "I'm going to just take a nap this afternoon" and not have any school or anything to worry about.

for the record: I got my passport a couple of weeks ago. {eeeeep international travel} Why, you ask? I'm going on a mission trip in June, but I'm going to keep the destination a secret for a little bit longer and tell you when it comes closer time.

for the record: The weather where I live has been perfect for the beach. Only we aren't at the beach. So it's just hot.

for the record: My piano recital was yesterday - I heart music.

for the record: I want to go swimming.

for the record: I just found out the other day that I have to do summer reading for the highschool that I'm going to next year. Yipee. I don't enjoy forced reading.

for the record: I think I'll take a nap today.

for the record: I am dying for summer nail polish.

for the record: I need a go-to summer hairstyle...

for the record: Can you tell I'm thinking majorly about how to spend my summer?

for the record: I follow entirely too many blogs. Want to know how many? One hundred and fifty six. Oh no - I'm addicted. The plus side? I always have new posts on my updater thing to read. That's what I like.



  1. Wow...that's a lot o' blogs to follow. O.O
    *gasps* Your header is so neat!! :D

  2. I also like always having a blog to read. sometimes it gets a little overwhelming when i have like 30! haha but yeah it's awesome. :)

  3. wow. that is ALOT of blogs!!!! wow! and there is still plenty of time for the world to end because they are saying it will end at 6:00pm
    so yeah
    do i believe it?

  4. yeah i no all of my barn friends were talking about it!! haha and btw mcat the suspense thing for the trip REALLY doesnt work for me!! hehe

  5. i definitly heart music as well... it is just SO beautiful.

    have a lovely day,
    lauren anne

  6. i probably follow over 150 now, too. it's just so hard not to follow awesome blogs! (like this one, i'm now a follower.)

  7. haha! i LOVE your first "for the record"... so funny!

  8. Maybe that's what I need to do. =( I'm always looking for new posts to read.

    And how did your recital go?

  9. Ciara - It went very well! Thanks for asking!
    --Mary Catherine

  10. Wow...that's a lot of blogs to keep up with! Then again, I shouldn't be saying much as I'm not too far behind that number...


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