I Asked...

A little over a week ago {i think}, I posted the poll to the side, asking if I should start a blogging tips/what I'm learning page. Eighteen of you said yes, and five of you said no. 
Sorry, those who said nay. The ayes have it! 

In a day or two I am going to put up my {the tips} page, compiling things I've learned about blogging in my short time here, from how to get more followers to post-writing to blogging pet peeves. 

So - here's where you guys come in. I need your questions. Ask me anything about the whole blogging ordeal, and I'll try my best to answer your questions - if I even know myself. 

So go - comment away! There is not a limit to the number of questions you can ask.
{note: I do realize that I am not an extremely experienced blogger. Don't hold it against me.}


  1. can't wait! (i voted yes:))

  2. How have you gotten like 80 followers in just 6 months? haha Does that question sound familiar?

  3. It's a really nice blog, hope you'll tjek out ours!:=)

  4. Hmm... Could you write a post on how to deal with copiers? I see copiers EVERYWHERE in the blogging world, and I've been copied before! So, yeah that would be a good post :)


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