A Melancholy Ending

Today was the day I've been waiting for all year.
Okay - so I have classes tomorrow too. But today was the last day of my Tuesday classes.
We had fun. We laughed. We partied. Because after surviving another school year, we're reminded of something.
Life is good.

I made cupcakes to celebrate of course. All I had today was my point and shoot, which is basically only good for video - but look! The pictures are sharp! My camera decided not to hate me today!

^                                                       ^

Sarah, with her Oreo. I have an addiction to those things.

Audrey and Madeline. Yep. Gonna miss school.

And of course, I got the day on video. I now have almost two hours worth of school diaries on film, which I am going to get on DVD if iDVD doesn't kill me first. 


It's sad, you know? At least last year I knew that I would see all of my homeschool friends again. But now I'm going off to highschool. Hm. 
What about you? Are you out of school yet? Are you glad?


  1. awwww...i no so sad!! good pics though!! sarah and her oreo...thats classic! :)

  2. hey mcat...wat's molly b's blog? i realized im not following it!! :D

  3. Kendall - it's linked under the picture of her in my "What is that Strange, Glowing Orb?" post.
    --Mary Catherine

  4. I adore the new header!! And your photos are spectacular, thank you for linking up :)) Great post!
    -Jocee <3


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