Outdoors Love

Lately I have been loving the outdoors. And of course, I've been soaking up every ounce of sunshine that I can get.
I went to the pond the other day for a nature photography spree. I do love taking pictures of people, but it always comes back to creation in the end.

^^something simple for kate's challenge^^

I had a mini shoot with T in the backyard the other day... She loves the outdoors too so I stuck her on top of a towel in the grass and snapped a few shots. Of course she looked at me like I was a nut. My little sis knows me well, doesn't she?

While at the pond, I saw this really awesome heron/bird thing that I was trying to get close enough to to snap a picture. I would tip toe a few steps closer and get a few shots, then get closer. I didn't get close enough before he flew away; the below shot it cropped.

It flew away right after this...

So how are you guys liking summer? Today we went swimming at my grandfather's house and I tried to tan. The problem? I laid on my stomach the entire time. So now my back is almost brown (yes!) but my face and front are still completely pale. Whoops.
What's your favorite summer activity?
PS: I would love it if you could weave through {the tips} and give some feedback! I know I practically wrote a novel with it - I tried to think of everything useful that I've learned, and every time that I published the page, I thought of something else. Did you read the whole thing? Here then; have a virtual cupcake.


  1. I love summer, but it's so hot! I bet it's really hot where you live too, I love the pictures.

  2. So pretty! :) :)
    the trees are super cool!

  3. love love the second picture! gorgeous! :)

  4. Awesome pictures! That heron/bird looks really interesting. :)

    I looked at your tips, and honestly they look very good. You did a fine job with them. ;)

  5. I LOVE the 2nd and 3rd one! Awesome! And I did read the tip page; it really helped. Thanks! :)

  6. Wow the first two shots are stunning! And T is a super cutie!!

    Tamar - also linking up with Kate

  7. These are all simply beautiful! I love photographing nature as well :)

  8. These pictures are fabulous. I love, love the forth one.

    And your sister is adorable. :)

    Marla @ www.blueskiesphotoblog.com

  9. I love the simple beauty of the tree with the delicate new leaves. The rest of the pictures are beautiful as well, but I keep coming back to this one!

  10. Love the little leaf in the tree - great DOF!

  11. Your comment sums up my feelings exactly - I love taking photos of people but well, nature wins out every time :-) Your first shot is just lovely with those little leaves on the tree trunk and that second shot is really fabulous, looking up into the trees with the sun flaring through.

  12. Very, very nice picture - the first one! And I do mostly like you and Jane - big fun to shoot people,but nature wins always over..


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