Style Love: Georgie Henley

Last night I went to a good friend's Hollywood themed party, and we had to arrive dressed as our favorite celebrity.
I had no idea who to come as.
Finally, I began thinking of British actresses, and Georgie came to mind.
This girl has an unfair amount of gorgeousness. And her style? Love, love, love.

This outfit was for the Nickelodeon something-or-another awards and therefore was a tad more casual. But she dressed it up with that jacket.

Lately, as she's gotten older, she's leaned more toward sophisticated looks. See the shoes? They say let's dance across the toes. I. Want.

This was a photoshoot and was therefore a bit stranger looking, but she can pull it off.

This is the outfit I tried to replicate for the party. If the paparrazi (my friend's sister volunteered) ever emails me the red carpet photos, I'll be sure to post them.

Another photoshoot picture. I love that jacket.

I believe she wore this for one of the Prince Caspian premieres. She also wears ballet flats a lot, which I love. I've also noticed that she carries a clutch a lot of the time.

I. Want. That. Hat.

I'm pretty sure this is the most recent picture of her. I love how she's branching out with stranger looking dresses that still look terrific on her and are modest. And oh look, she's carrying an adorable clutch, as always.

I don't really know what I like about this dress, but it suits her well. Hair envy anyone?

I've always loved this dress; she wore it to the first ever Prince Caspian premiere in England. And those ballet flats look like the same style as the others.

The party was a great deal of fun (although it did take a while for them to guess who I was). A bonus: I had an excuse to speak in a British accent. Love.

Which celebrity's style do you love?

PS: I might not see you guys tomorrow. Why? Apparently the world is going to end.
My opinion? Sorry, scientists. The Bible says that no one knows the hour or day. So I'll still be here and I'm not worrying about what to do with the last few hours of my life.


  1. She is starting to look like Kristen stewart, well her face is.


  2. She's so beautiful!! I ADORE Georgie Henley!! She's my most favoritest actress EVER!!! (in this Era, of course)
    I love her style, she's so modest, and she's growing up. I can't believe it was nearly six years ago when the first Narnia movie came out! It feels like yesterday...*sigh* I just love Georgie. Great post :))
    -Jocee <3

  3. You should post a picture of what you wore! :)

  4. I am TOTALLY crazy about all of the Narnia characters, and I practice my british accent ALL the time:D

  5. Emilie - I definitely will, but the only ones that were taken of it need to be emailed to me. :)
    --Mary Catherine

  6. I LOVE her. She is so beautiful!! thanks for following my blog, yours is awesome! ♥

  7. LOVE. THOSE. PICS. end of story.

  8. Love her!


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