We're All Mad Here

This morning, both of the older boys had to go to achievement tests, and my mom was volunteering at them, so I had the three littles at home. We played in the little girls' room while I was trying to think of something to do. And then, I had a stroke of genius - why not have a tea party?
We found two recipes - one for chocolate chip scones (nom) and one for almond tea cookies. Both turned out really well.
{all pictures were taken with my point and shoot, and are therefore blurry and/or bad quality}

Even P liked it better than I thought he might. But he did ask me not to tell the big boys that he had played tea party, "because they'll call me a girl." 

I told him that men in England drink tea all the time and it's actually a very manly thing to do.

I also made tea sandwiches (okay, okay - they were actually lunchmeat cut into teeny tiny fourths. But they ate them all). 

The almond tea cookies.

It's on days like this that I never want them to grow up.


Do you have any siblings? How do you spend time with them?

Have a terrific Monday (even though it is the beginning of the week)!


  1. haha, looks like you al had a fun time!
    those little dainty food looks so yummy!!!

  2. aweh! how sweet :) you sound like an awesome big sister!

  3. Yummy! All of that looks delicious. :)

  4. Aww, they're sweet siblings. I usually take mine on a hike, I'm the eldest of eight. ;) Thank you soo much for your comment, Mary! It really meant a lot.

  5. Love the tea party. My brother and I used to have them. Nothing so beautiful as this. We would talk in British accents (well, try). My older brother thought we were strange.

    Love the pictures. Funny what your brother said about the party.


  6. awwww thats sooo cute! as you know i have 2 younger sibilings who also went to acheievment tests and my mom also volunteered and instead of a tea party, i got left home along with an EXTREMELY hyper and wild puppy to try to take care. it was awful.lol

  7. Aw, that is so cute! Especially about your little brother XD.
    That is a fantastic older sister thing to do.


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