What is That Strange, Glowing Orb?

Perhaps it's an alien spaceship, filled with purple frogs that manufacture bombs, or gleaming butterflies with beady red eyes and evil mastermind brains.
Maybe fire is coming to overtake the planet.
Or possibly, oh maybe - could it be that legendary glowing orb they call sun? I remember seeing one once, long ago, when I was very young...

Not really. But it sure seems that way.

Today, the sun finally decided to push the clouds away from its face and beam over the earth. It's about time. We've had so much rain in the past week that flooding is about to reach record levels. I walked into classes today and half of my classroom had standing water, along with the bathroom down the hall which apparently was also filled with standing water. We weren't allowed to use it because of the possibility of snakes, I was told. {???} What a comforting thought. 

In fact, my entire back got soaked on the way to the car after recital last night due to a way-too-teeny umbrella that I was also attempting to share with Kendall, who had come to see me and Sara Beth and Madi. Fail. 

Ah, the recital. A night of grace and hilarity. In the three year old classes, there is always one girl who cries, one who falls down, and one who's skirt falls off. It's all part of the enjoyment.
The theatre was packed out for our performance. I'd like to say that it was because we are amazing and flawless, and that would be mostly true. But I think it was due to the fact that the parents, grandparents, and best friends of over two hundred and forty five girls (and about six guys) were there.

With the tulle skirts, the darling little girls, and all of the smiles, I couldn't help it. I went a little camera happy. Plus, I had taken so many pictures at rehearsal that I started a share site just to let the moms see them, and I felt it my duty to take as many pictures of as many classes and as many girls as I possibly could.
I had taken over three hundred before I ever went on stage. 

Warming up... ahem. Not really. Just posing. 

The little girl's headpieces (my teacher makes them all by hand).

This picture might be my favorite of the whole night. It's such a cool mother-daughter moment. Not to mention the fact that you can even see the sparkles in her hair. It makes me want to hug the camera.

I love these kinds of dressing room lights. They make me think of movies from the early twenties or something.

Rebekah and Molly.

Me and my ridiculously adorable cousin, who's class I help in (and love!).
My class is full of cute picture opportunities backstage, including cute conversations.

Cute animated conversations.

Madison and our friend Betsy, both friends who I've known since babyhood (literally - Betsy's mom and mine were in the nursing mother's room together when we were practically six months old). 
It really makes me think. I mean, look at the "good old days": 

On one hand, it's awesome that we're older. Growing up. Heading to highschool; bigger and better things. On the other hand, it makes me want to sit down and cry. Growing old is depressing. 

Back to little girl cuteness overdose.

I babysit this little girl.

That little girl goes to my church.

I love my friends. Period.

Caleb and Hannah. They're brother and sister, and they played the king and queen. Have I mentioned that they both rock?

Yes, we did get bored while waiting for the show to start.

the long road

And the boredom continued until the moment we stepped into the wings. 

Yes, that is Katherine, who is hyper and awesome backstage. 

Those were our headpieces.

I've found that when little girls see you with a camera, they stand there grinning for a full minute until you notice them enough to snap a picture.

Seriously, I love my cousin.

I walked up to these two little girls and said, "Are you guys twins?" 
They said "yes, ma'am." at the exact same time, which was just a little creepy. Ha. But of course I just know they were thinking, No, Mary Catherine. We're not twins. We just happen to look exactly, completely, and fully alike. But no, we're not twins. What gave you that idea? Woman, are you blind?


Below is another set of twins. But the shot makes it look like she was sideways to a mirror. *squeal*

And then, it was over. We finished our last steps. Took our last curtsey. Walked off of the stage. And of course, received our traditional chocolate and rose from our teacher.

We went out for celebratory frozen yogurt. Came home. Washed the glitter and hairspray out of our hair. Packed up the tights and leotards and pointe shoes. Our feet began the healing process.

The end of ballet is like the beginning of the end of the school year for me. After this, I will have absolutely no idea what to do with myself on Monday and Thursday afternoons. I have practically no schoolwork this week, and next Wednesday is the last day. 
What on earth will I do?


  1. these pictures are all so awesome :) all the little girls are adorable!

  2. Number eight and nine of the Ballet pictures are my... FAVORITES!!!

  3. oh so cute!! yeah...my clothes literallu just finished drying. they were drenched. really. cing all of these pics makes me want 2 take point!! lol. but im WWWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY 2 busy already. :)

  4. Awwwwww! These are so cute!


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