Fun With Hair and Family Trees

Yesterday, after getting home from Kendall's house (and sporting heels rubbed raw by the rainboots that I wore to the show), I went straight over to my friend (and piano teacher's daughter, and former babysitter) Anna's house because she had invited Madison and I over to hang out and have pizza.


One thing that Madi and I have always wanted to do is straighten Anna's incredibly curly hair. Seriously - it's gorgeous. Madi came prepared - the girl had brought the entire contents of a hair salon in her backpack. :)
We popped in Tangled (best animated movie ever, by the way. the irony that we were doing hair while watching it didn't get to me until later) and got to work.

{any pictures without my watermark were taken by Madi}

See the back of her head? That's how curly her hair was before...

It took about as long to straighten her hair as it would have to get my hair that curly.

We also listened to jazz on the record player that Anna has. 

When it was done, Madi smoothed it with this gel stuff. It was as sticky as anything, but it kept her hair straight for ten times longer than it would have normally. Gross? Yes. Awesome? Yes.

The final result:

Then we had pizza and and I brought up how my mom's first cousin had married Madi's uncle a while back and how I had always thought that it meant we were related. Anna had taken a class on family trees in highschool and explained the entire thing to us. By the time we were done, we had calculated that Madi and I are second cousins by marriage. Our moms are in denial about that but who cares if it's by marriage? We've been friends forever and now we're related by marriage. That sort of rocks. Still confused? Read Madi's post with the full diagram here.

Right before we left for church, we went outside and found an amazing spot of light in Anna's yard. 

^something outdoors^

Here, Madison was behind me giving Anna posing prompts. 

Love these two shots.

How has your week been so far?


  1. haha that is so funny u LOVE straightning curly people's hair. SO. FUN. lol!

  2. Awesome picture's! Love the video!! haha

  3. Mcat- In all the pictures of you...you look...well...almost sad, distressed, mad, and creepy! Cheer up a bit would you!? But still great pictures! And I. WANR. YOUR. Camera!

  4. Sara Beth - Ha ha sorry we were just messing around and I was making faces. :) You know - the whole model pose. Don't let my creepy expressions bother you! :)
    --Mary Catherine

  5. Hahaha your friend looks cool with straight hair :) And you and Kendall are really beautiful too :)



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