Guess Who's Back?

Well, okay...
If any of my followers have an IQ higher than .01, they'll know that it's me.

I'm completely exhausted right now, but tomorrow I'm going to have a nice picture-laden post for you guys, mkay? My time in Guatemala was fantastic (I'm still terriblyterriblyterribly sad about leaving everyone - and the seventy degree weather) and I can't wait to share every last detail with you.

Until then - here's a sample picture from my adventures (one of 1604):

ignore me... just focus on the adorable baby, k?


  1. I'm Excited to hear about it!

  2. yay! your back! i cant wait to hear and see all the pictures! i really like the picture of you and the baby!!! cute! ♥

  3. cant wait to see the pictures ! :)

  4. how ADORABLE!! cant wait 2 c that post!! :D



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