In Case You Hadn't Caught On...

I love photography. And I love my sister. Smoosh the two together and we have a winning situation.
So yesterday we went out again (around the time of the golden hour which Hannah so eloquently posted about recently) and she posed and I snapped until both of our hearts' content.

is that bokeh in the mulch? *squints* can mulch even have bokeh?

 The child is a born model. She loves striking a pose. She was on the swing when she asked, "Do you want my curious face?" 
Yes, please. 

I kept her going with my exclamations of "Ohmygoodness that was amazing! Do that again!" 

"Now run towards me!"

Sometimes the posing turns out a little wacky.

^something green for the paper mama challenge^
The Paper Mama

But sometimes I squeal at her eyes and the camera settings and the golden light.

^she's little for the little somethings challenge^

Above was actually an accidental picture, but I think I'll forgive it because it turned out pretty darn gorgeous.

"Wave like you're having fun!"

^something yellow for live every moment^

I like having a model who doesn't look at me all crazy when I shout, "ohmygoodness, bokeh! Smile one more time!"

live your life

"Give me your real smile!"

^something joyful^

Grace Loves the Beatles

That ain't it. But I still love it.
I could not live without her. 


  1. She is so cute! And those photos are fantastic. I love the bokeh! :)

  2. Awww... SO cute!!! Great pictures! :)


  3. U. HAVE. A. MODEL. ON. YOUR. HANDS. seriously!! lolz... :D

  4. Aww, such cute photos. Love the one with the yellow flowers.

  5. amazing hotos!

    the cutest little one ever!

    your little one is just a cutie!

    happy weekend!

  6. Awww... You are such a sweet sister & an awesome photographer! She is an angel! Love these all!

  7. FOUND you at Paper Mama! ADORABLE pictures!!! Following you now! Come check out my blog!!! I think we will be great BLOG-friends!

  8. Wonderful shots and a wonderful model! She seems to be having a lot of fun. I bet you too! I like her versatility. I would love to have a model like her.

  9. She's adorable, and yes a perfect model indeed.

    Great pictures!

    Hope you have a blessed day today♥

  10. Your smile photo made me chuckle! Its' a funny-happy smile, one of the best!

  11. I love the goofy grins :D (visiting from LEM)

  12. She is so cute and this is so much fun!! Love them!

  13. oh she's such a cutie! definitely a model in training :)
    (visiting from LEM)


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