Miscellaneous Images of Ecstasy

This morning, it was like one of those dreams where you get something that you really want but are afraid that it won't be there when you wake up.

But the box was still there, sitting on my bed, just waiting to be explored.

Thanks to Kate's  advice, I decided right off the bat to begin shooting manual. It wasn't as hard as it could've been, because I have been playing around with my grandmother's camera for a while on manual and had learned a few basics. But I also stuck close to the instruction booklet.

^something for the new better than best contest and something beautiful for snap and share^

Grace Loves the Beatles

I saw the way that this picture turned out and almost died of happiness. Again.

These mums are gorgeous. Despite the fact that they're blooming out of season. I'll forgive them. 
They're sprinkled each morning with the automatic sprinkler system. But we're going to say that they are draped with beads of morning dew because it sounds prettier. 

Love, love, love.

Of course, even before I got out of the house into the front yard, right as I woke up (read: pajamas) I wanted to use it. So I went to the little girls' room and took a few shots of T.

I like the one above a lot.
After that and after I got dressed, M said, "Can we go outside and take pictures?" 
Man I love her.

She still had some bed-head action going on, making her look like a... actually I don't really know what she looked like, but it was quite amusing.

This camera = swoon.
Have you taken some shots that make you squeal with happiness lately?


  1. awesome pictures! love the ones of your little sisters! soo cute <3

  2. so exciting!! i'm jealous of your kit lens. ;) great pics.

  3. Super cute photos! :) :)
    and the flowers!

  4. I just saw one of your photos on another blog and had to hope over. I love that you're starting in manual mode. You're already doing great work so I look forward to seeing more. Have a great weekend!

  5. Those are beautiful pictures! Thanks so much for linking up...I love flowers!

  6. These are gorgeous photos! Yes, beads of morning dew definitely sound much more exciting. =)


  7. Love the flower shots! Great focus!

  8. yeah, what amy said! i love those kind of flowers, they're so pretty!
    thanks for snapping and sharing!

  9. wow great flowers photos!

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