Today, I went to my grandmother's church to get commissioned. For what, you might ask?
Well, remember in this post when I mentioned that I was going out of the country pretty soon but wasn't going to tell you where yet?
{then Kendall had to bring up the fact that the suspense element didn't exactly work for her (or Madi and Sara Beth, for that matter) because she already knew. ahem.}
I'm going to Guatemala. On a mission trip with my grandmother through her church. And I'm crazy excited. It's my very first time being out of the country and I just can't wait.
We'll be working in an orphanage the entire week (the 18th-24th) with kids ages one year to eighteen years. We'll be doing VBS with them or simply helping out around the facilities.
I got a journal specifically for this trip.

I have a goal for it. I'm going to challenge myself to think and write down absolutely everything I observe, from the culture to what God is teaching me, and fill it up as much as possible in that one week. Who knows? I might go a little crazy and even sketch what I see. Maybe not (read: kindergarten art skills).
Anyway - when our team got commissioned, everything felt like it was in the right place. God has called me on this trip, and who knows? Maybe it's the first of many.
I won't be able to bring Ebony (my D7000, in case you forgot her name) because I'd be a little paranoid about damage on the plane. But my grandmother is going to bring her camera (man, he really needs a name, doesn't he? I use him a lot) so that I can take pictures, and I'm going to try to take quite a few.
That's my calling at the moment.
To me, the perfect ministry is to travel around the world, taking pictures of the culture and writing in such a way that it makes others want to go to that country and minister as well.
So I need prayer, dear followers. Pray that I'll be safe. Pray that I can witness. Pray that God will use me.

"And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose."
-Romans 8:28
And as a side thing for you to snicker at, I took this picture of my sister while I was feeding her today. 



  1. my brothers school went and worked at an orphanage too in Guatemala. have fun! :)

  2. aweh your sister's so sweet! I hope you have an amazing time on your trip! sounds like a great experience! :) can't wait to see some pictures :D

  3. Ome so happy for you mcat! Yay'
    I REALLY want to go on missions trip!!!!! Agh! I hope to soon!!! :)
    Have fun! Can't wait riser all the pictures you take!!!!!

  4. have LOADS of fun!! i wish i were going out of the country this yr!! :D

  5. Kendall - You were born in France. Don't complain too much. :)
    --Mary Catherine


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