A Small Change In Plans

So I really feel like a traveler now, because even though I just got back from the mission trip, we're leaving tomorrow to go on a short family trip to St. Louis!
I'm pretty excited - I've never been there. I feel like I've been working Ebony to the bone lately with my photo-taking, because I know I'll be taking a lot there.
So here's the deal - when I get back, I'll finish my Guatemala posts, and then I'll post about St. Louis.
Sound good?
See you when I get back lovelies!
PS: Could we reach ninety followers while I'm gone?


  1. I love St. Louis. I have not been there in forever. My family and I are St. Louis Cardinals fans because my dad grew up around there. We live no where near there though. Hope you have fun.

  2. Have fun! Still looking forward to see all the pictures! :)


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