In the Words of Dear Old Dad...

"I bought you a present."

"You can drive it to school!"

Mkay then. But yes - tomorrow is moving day. And I'm not sure if I trust my dad with this thing... can he even drive a truck? That being said, I still want a ride.

look, we even have a nifty picture of the hubble telescope... and a fun fact! how nice of them...
Highschool orientation is this morning, and I would really appreciate your prayers!


Adventures in Portraiture

I've never really done too much editing with my pictures; a little color boost is mostly the extent of it. Besides, all I have is the tools available through iPhoto, which are pretty good, but not amazing. Maybe one day I'll be brave enough to mess with Gimp or purchase Photoshop.
But the other day I decided to mess around with some better editing and compare the before and after results. These are all pictures that I took of my little sister at the pond a few days ago - before she got hot and wanted to go home, that is.

This first one is my favorite, because it looks the most natural. 

I liked the original, but it had a little less color that I wanted, so I just boosted the color. Yeah - complicated editing is not going to be a career path for me.

first edit
I then wanted to see how it looked in black-and-white, but it looked a bit too white for me. 

third edit
So (and this is as complicated as it got) I upped the contrast to add more depth and loved the final result.

fourth edit
What do you think?
Okay, on to the second shot: I like this one overall, but I'm still working on finding the right light to highlight the eyes, without making the subject of the picture squint... yeah. Working on it.
I liked the picture, but I still did a little editing.

I stayed simple at first - I boosted the color (that is admittedly my go-to edit). But then I also upped the contrast and definition a little, and sharpened a tiny bit. Here's the result; I really liked it. 


I didn't do too much with this one; I just lowered the saturation and sharpened a tad, and then upped the contrast a little. Oh - and I boosted the color. Ahem.



I really liked the light in her eyes in this next one. But I really wanted to enhance it. 
Newsflash: I didn't boost the color on this one. I just upped the saturation, cropped, and added a tad bit of exposure.


I love this one: 


All I did was up the contrast, exposure, definition, and sharpness.

I didn't like this last one because her face was in a shadow, but I still tried to salvage it.

I cropped, and added exposure, definition, saturation, and contrast.

Any tips? I'm working more on portrait photography, and editing feedback would be extremely helpful. Any tips on portraits in general?


That Little Thing Called Designing

I really, really like interior design.
So obviously, since we're moving and everything, I started thinking of new ideas for my room.
It'll be modern vintage. Anything French will be included. I'm painting the walls grey and buying simple white comforters for the bed - and everything else will pop with color. My mom also mentioned that we're going to start going to flea markets for furniture, so I'm going to try to find some unique stuff.
I started sifting through weheartit and pinterest and obviously, I want to dump some of my design inspiration on you guys. None of these are exactly what I want my room to look like - they're just stuff that I love in general.

there's two chandeliers. And a mannequin. Enough said.
This room is a tad too modern, but I just liked it in general, like I said.

 I love the big hanging lamp. But that's only something you can get away with in a high ceiling room.

 I love the rug and the window in here...

These. Rugs. Are. Amazing. I found it on weheartit and had to look it up But they only sell them in the UK. *sobs*

 In my new room I'm going to use a lot more of my pictures, and I am so doing this. 

 That awesome leopard pink chair in the corner is to die for. 

 Love the chandelier, not much else.

 I'm really liking the black wood floor. I'm convinced you can only get away with it if you have a huge window to let in lots of light, though.

 I love this one because of the zebra rug and the pink couch/bed.

 The rug. Ohmyword, the rug. Does it come in grey or pink?

 Another thing on my flea market list? A mannequin. 

 More black wood floors...

 I like the layout of this room.

 This is more of a younger girl's room, but I love love love those flower pillows.

 Audrey Hepburn? Yes, please.

 There are three things I like about this room: The rug, the couch, and the giant British flag.

 More Audrey. You cannot go wrong.

 I love the tall vase in here, and the chandelier.

 I think the thing I adored about this one was simply all of the books.

yes. just - yes.
 This one looks like an Indian palace...

I'm looking so hard for a good decal of the eiffel tower like that one.

 And to finish: This. Chair. Is. Amazing.

Which room is your favorite? Where do you go for design inspiration?
Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to find the rest of my brain amid the boxes and miscellaneous stuff I never knew that we had. Seriously - I can't even talk today.
PS: This is IT: My one hundredth post. If I make it to one hundred followers I'll have a mega fantabulous giveaway for you wonderful people. And yes - that was a bribe. 
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The Olden Days

With all this change (moving and school and such), it's gotten me thinking of when I was younger. So of course, I started drifting through photos taken of me at *ahem* younger times. I've really changed so much over the years. Care to take a look?

Here's me. With those terrible pigtails that stuck straight out the back, before I learned how to do ponytails that actually covered my ears. And the homemade Sharpie-and-fabric-marker Fourth of July shirt that I had made. And that's M, not T. So it would have been at least three years ago...

Here's me in Charleston. Looking at these pictures has made me so glad that I've grown my hair out longer.

And while we're reminiscing, I have to share this one. Can you guess who it is?

That's right. It's my dear friends Madi and Molly, waiting in the hall before ballet class.
Here's another one of Madi and I. Oh wow. Even back then I was still so much worse than she is at posing. :)

There used to be a tea room in Florida that my mother and grandmother and I would visit and dress up in while we drank - duh - tea. I loved it. It's gone out of business since. 

 And here's me - badly posing - again. 

Life changes. Times change. We all grow older. But I'm just glad that we have photos like these to remember them - no matter how embarrassing they happen to be. Ha.

Do you have a favorite photo taken when you were younger?