Because I stuck her in a moving box (one of thousands currently at our house) and she had fun with it.

U-haul, meet your new poster child. Ahem.

Not to mention that she's cute.

Because weheartit quotes shaming algebra are too amazing not to post.

Yes. Just - yes.

Because the sunset bokeh that I discovered yesterday was gorgeous.

Paper Heart Photo

Aah. I weep for the ending of summer.
PS: I promise that I'll have an actual flowing, this-is-actually-something-I-want-to-read post for you guys soon. As soon as my brain comes out of the fried mode that it's currently in. I can't wait to actually move.
PPS: Can we still get one hundred followers (oh, excuse me - members. Thanks a lot, Google) by my one hundredth post? It's two whole posts away, ya'll!


  1. Those Pictures are so cute. To bad I am in the middle of a Psalm 61 project. I had so much fun drawing the last picture of her.

  2. Boxes are seriously the best toys ever!

  3. she is way too cute! those pictures crack me up ;) love the math quote too hahaha

  4. haha love the math one, your sister is adorable! :]

  5. Oh myyy, that baby is beautiful!!!!

  6. beautiful shots, she's so cute :). i love playing with and in boxes when i was young.


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