For the Record

for the record: It's been an extremely long time since I've done one of these posts, so I decided to do one. Well that was deep.

for the record: We bought a house. It's only five minutes away from the one we have now, and I'm still getting used to the idea of actually moving. We'll probably start packing on Monday. Oh - and I'm now Kendall's neighbor!

for the record: School is starting to sneak up, believe it or not. I have to do summer reading for highschool and other work. Then we have to register in August, I believe. I will not stifle my great dislike for the ending of summer. Ugh.

for the record: I recently switched over to Blogger in Draft, and the entirely new format keeps bugging me. But I'm starting to like it.

for the record: Due to our annoyingly humid and sticky weather, my camera lens won't stop fogging up. Now that's annoying.

for the record: Kendall and I decided the other day that we should round up some friends, start a band, and remix old Broadway show tunes. Does that not sound awesome?

for the record: I just sat here for two minutes trying to think of what to write for this one. No joke.

for the record: Believe it or not, I'm really looking forward to packing up and unpacking into the new house. That's one aspect of moving that I do like.

for the record: You know what would make my month? If we could still make it to one hundred followers by my one hundredth post (and then have an awesome giveaway)! We are five posts away, folks!

for the record: I want to hear from you guys. How's life? Tell me in a comment, or leave a link to one of your posts!

for the record: Butterflies are photogenic.

PS: Go check out Princess's sketch of my sister here because it's awesome!


  1. Moving to a different house sounds exciting, but can be very stressful at times. ;) Hope everything works out for you and your family.

    Cute picture, btw! :)

    Here's a link to a recent post of mine from my blog:

  2. That would be totally awesome for you to start a band! You should post videos of it!!! Ugh, why didn't I think of that? And have a good voice? And have friends who live near enough to me to start one? Haha.

    Right now I'm doing summer ballet, first week back so it's really tiring. Pointe shoe blisters. Ack.

  3. good luck with that band. You're lucky to be moving so close to one of your friends. I would stop worrying about moving if I were you and just enjoy it and snap lots of your beautiful photos. Are you just doing the packing and unpacking or are you doing the truck work too? (By the way, I'm probably not the best person to be giving advice on moving worries. I've moved at least six times in my life so I hardly care any more!) I hope all your moving goes well.


  4. beautiful picture! life's going good for me! haha :)

  5. Imogen - I think we're hiring the moving company for the truck and big furniture, but we're packing the rest ourselves, at least I'm pretty sure. :)
    --Mary Catherine


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