Guatemala in Words: Last Part

A Day at the Market:
Today was our free day, and we headed to Antigua to shop and eat out. First we witnessed, and saw a few people come to Christ, which was awesome. 

my grandmother and mrs. d witnessing.

Then we ate out at this amazing restaurant.
These pictures make me want to get more into food photography.
After that we went to the marketplace. Everything was colorful and woven. People try to suck you into their wares, and it works.
The hardest part was bartering, which I fail at.
G, L, E, and I in front of the marketplace. taken by my grandmother, which is why it's out of focus.
The daunting fact that we have to leave tomorrow is starting to dawn on everyone. How will I ever say a dry-eyed goodbye to everyone? I know I won't be the only one bawling my eyeballs out. But I won't truly say farewell. I'll come back again and again. Watch the girls grow up. Learn more Spanish.
Because it's part of my calling.
As for now, the heavens have opened and rain is pouring on our tin dorm roof. I'm going to take advantage of the heavenly sound by getting some sleep.
Last Day:
Friday's sunrise was unlike all the others. On the other days, the sun came slowly out from behind the volcano like a shy flower. But yesterday, the sun burst out with a glorious glow. The volcano was in full view without a thread of fog, as if Satan had given up trying to hide our joy with it. I felt like our work was truly not in vain. We had accomplished what we came for - we spread the gospel. We built relationships. We made sacrifices and grew from them.
We mostly hung out with the older girls all morning and painted their nails a myriad of colors.
We gave hugs. We shared songs. And the thought of leaving forever dampened my heart. 

After lunch, an extremely famous Mexican band called Rojo was able to stop by. It was a once in a lifetime experience.

this little boy, who is the brother of the girl that I'm going to sponsor, loves hugs and jumped right into her arms.
see the dog? She walked right into the kitchen and onto the stage.
That night, all of the children who play music did a few songs for us, including one they wrote about Guatemala. The night was so melancholy.
But the tears didn't truly come until we lined up to recieve hugs from every last child.
I bawled.
Then we had a bonfire and made smores with chocolate-covered graham crackers. I was wearing my new shawl, and two of the littler girls wrapped up in it, which nearly brought me to tears again.
Their sticky chocolate covered faces broke into grins, and I knew that there was no way that they knew we were leaving in the morning.
Now we're home. I miss Guatemala. I miss everyone. I miss the seventy-degree weather and the fog and the volcano showing Christ's majesty every morning right outside our dorm window.
Now that we're home, I can't figure out what to do with myself, and I have to ask - what's next?

PS: We sold our house today! Please keep us in your prayers as we try to find a new house and move.
PPS: If you read this, could you please let me know if my past few posts have shown up in your dashboard? I haven't been getting comments as frequently and I was wondering if that's the problem.


  1. loved this! I've always wanted to visit Guatemala! You're posts are showing up in my dashboard! :)

  2. Oh thanks for letting me know Hope! I was just making sure.
    Glad you liked it and believe me - Guatemala is so worth visiting.
    --Mary Catherine

  3. Your posts are showing up on my dashboard! I haven't been getting as many comments either, it think people might be busy right now, maybe on vacation or something?


  4. omw i wasnt even there and ur descriptions r making ME want 2 cry!!! :D luck on the house!!



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