Guatemala in Words: Part III

I'm back! And this time I'm here to stay for a while. My Guatemala travel diary continues...

Day 3 at the home:
Today started with a phenominal photograph of the sunrise over the valley at five-thirty, then breakfast at six-fifteen as usual. We then headed back to VBS.

Tuesdays here are market days, and everything is five times as crowded, so the ten-minute walk from the bus to the church was a bit nerve-wracking. There are woven skirts that are every color of the rainbow and more jewelry than Claire's. There were chickens covered with nets in baskets, their helpless necks stretched out in terror. There were also chicks being shoved into boxes by the handful. I didn't take my camera because things have been stolen in the chaos before.

We walked around the property when we got back and also bought snacks from the Tienda. E has me hooked on peach juice.

We also saw the guard dogs, who are probably harmful when they are supposed to be but are sweet behind bars. The cows and chickens simply stand around and eat grass all day.

just another picture of my adorable little girl...
The older girls are very sweet. They love hugs and a lot of them know enough English to figure us out.

my roommate and friend K, and my other friend E. To save time, we sometimes brushed our teeth outside, which cracked me up.

Tomorrow is the last day of VBS, and we get to do pinatas. I'm talking Spanish pinatas. The real thing.

Day 4:
Mornings here are going to make me hate living in a suburb. The sight of the valley and the mountains, laced with fog, make me catch my breath everytime I step out the door.
I love the colors here. All of the clothes are dried on rooftop clothes lines, and the sight of the woven fabrics flapping in the wind, as vibrant as a rainbow, is one of those strangely lovely things that one could never get tired of.

Today was the last day of VBS. After the normal classes and crafts, it was time for the pinatas. There was one for each class, from Barney to Dora. After whacking fervently with a broomstick, the children would swarm to the candy like terrorized vultures, squealing with sheer ecstasy.

After that, we went down to the sanctuary again for the closing ceremonies. Each of us recieved a beaded bracelet with our name on it, and they even spelled mine right. We had lunch at the church - chicken with rice and some amazing sauce. The food here keeps getting better and better. We even had French toast this morning.

One thing that I love is the girls' hair. It is always done up into some complicated braid or a tight ponytail. The littles are adorable, and they just sit there while their hair is being fixed.

^entering in friday photo fun^

The volcano has mushroomed a few times, but I haven't caught a picture of it yet, which kills me...
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