Meet Me In... Well, You Know.


Last week, my family and I traveled to St. Louis as a sort of let's-catch-our-breath vacation. We were only gone for four days, but it was still a blast.

The Arch was truly phenomenal. The creepy thing is that you're practically parallel to the ground when you are looking out the windows. But the ride up in the four-foot tall elevator car was pretty neat.

I loved seeing the faces of the little kids, fascinated by the view before them.

The arch was pretty darn photogenic. It's amazing how something so simple in form and shape can be so awesome.

The next day we headed to Six Flags, and rode the ferris wheel first.

M loved the carousel.
After that we went to Union Station, which wasn't too crowded. It was still neat to see the historical aspects of it.
On our last day before leaving, we went to the museum under the arch, which has some cool exhibits and anamatronic characters.
I also decided that if I ever open a portrait studio, I'm going to ask my local museums for their trash. Like a wall cutout of the United States.
How cute is that?

When we came out, the sun had started setting and exploding on the shiny surface of the monument.

I had an amazing time in St. Louis. Anyone else ever been? Share your memories with us!
PS: Who knows how to make video quality higher? I tried to upload in HD but the server rejected it.


  1. sounds like u had fun!! i only know that my pics of the arch werent HALF as good as urs!! :D


  2. Like I said I have not been there is so long. I do remember going into the arch and climbing up to see the windows then feeling like your going to fall out. Sounds like you had a great time.


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