The Olden Days

With all this change (moving and school and such), it's gotten me thinking of when I was younger. So of course, I started drifting through photos taken of me at *ahem* younger times. I've really changed so much over the years. Care to take a look?

Here's me. With those terrible pigtails that stuck straight out the back, before I learned how to do ponytails that actually covered my ears. And the homemade Sharpie-and-fabric-marker Fourth of July shirt that I had made. And that's M, not T. So it would have been at least three years ago...

Here's me in Charleston. Looking at these pictures has made me so glad that I've grown my hair out longer.

And while we're reminiscing, I have to share this one. Can you guess who it is?

That's right. It's my dear friends Madi and Molly, waiting in the hall before ballet class.
Here's another one of Madi and I. Oh wow. Even back then I was still so much worse than she is at posing. :)

There used to be a tea room in Florida that my mother and grandmother and I would visit and dress up in while we drank - duh - tea. I loved it. It's gone out of business since. 

 And here's me - badly posing - again. 

Life changes. Times change. We all grow older. But I'm just glad that we have photos like these to remember them - no matter how embarrassing they happen to be. Ha.

Do you have a favorite photo taken when you were younger?


  1. wow you look so much younger, still super pretty though! :]

  2. haha these were so funny to look at ;) why did we always feel the need to strike a very un-natractive pose? so crazy how much we change over the years

  3. My little sister always poses or makes silly smiles every time I try to take a picture. She is seven and she cares a lot of how she looks.

  4. One of my favorite younger photos was me and my close friend standing in front of my house grinning big grins. She was holding a sleeping bag and I was holding a pillow. :) Thanks for the cute pics.


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