Pops of Color

Yesterday, after a fun neighborhood parade (our last one in this neighborhood), we went to see our local fireworks, which I had a blast photographing. I've never taken shots of fireworks with a DSLR before, so I didn't even try to shoot manual - I was too afraid to. So I experimented - I shot some with flash, some with no flash, and some with the candelight mode. A lot of them turned out okay!
I've decided that firework bokeh is my new favorite kind.

I also did get some good shots of the fireworks without bokeh, in case you were wondering.
I love these.

The above and below are without flash, so they have more light from the actual firework. But I don't like that you can see the smoke.

These are with flash, and therefore more defined, but they aren't as bright...

And then I took more bokeh... because I sort of became obsessed with it.

My favorite:

How was your fourth of July? Do you go to watch fireworks or do your own?


  1. pretty! I really love the bokeh shots, i got some really cool bokeh firework shots like yours! :]

  2. These are amazing! I really wanted to try fireworks bokeh yesterday, but everything got rained out. :(

  3. We did not go to fireworks :( But if we had I would have been covering little baby's ears. I love the photos.

  4. I LOOOVVVEEEE the bokeh. I just love it. It's just so beautiful. I love, love love it!
    Ok. I think you can my point.
    Au revoir!
    -Sara Beth

  5. We went to see fireworks yesterday at a park near my house where they set them off for the whole town every year, it was really fun! This was like the first year it didn't rain, yay! :)

  6. These are awesome - I love the firework bokeh!

  7. Cool pictures! May I ask how you got the firework bokeh photos? I tried it on my DSLR and couldn't figure it out (still have a few things to learn about my camera...).

    Glad you had a great 4th!

  8. Rebekah - I flipped the switch next to the lens from auto focus to manual focus (I'm assuming your camera is almost the same since you have the D3100) and adjusted the focus until I saw the bokeh. I hope that hopelessly untechnical explanation helped a little!
    --Mary Catherine

  9. I love the photos! Beeeautiful bokeh :)

  10. Thanks! That helps a lot! I think that my camera is quite similar, so that should work.

    I've also been meaning to tell you that I love your new header :) It's really neat!!

    - Rebekah


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