That Little Thing Called Designing

I really, really like interior design.
So obviously, since we're moving and everything, I started thinking of new ideas for my room.
It'll be modern vintage. Anything French will be included. I'm painting the walls grey and buying simple white comforters for the bed - and everything else will pop with color. My mom also mentioned that we're going to start going to flea markets for furniture, so I'm going to try to find some unique stuff.
I started sifting through weheartit and pinterest and obviously, I want to dump some of my design inspiration on you guys. None of these are exactly what I want my room to look like - they're just stuff that I love in general.

there's two chandeliers. And a mannequin. Enough said.
This room is a tad too modern, but I just liked it in general, like I said.

 I love the big hanging lamp. But that's only something you can get away with in a high ceiling room.

 I love the rug and the window in here...

These. Rugs. Are. Amazing. I found it on weheartit and had to look it up But they only sell them in the UK. *sobs*

 In my new room I'm going to use a lot more of my pictures, and I am so doing this. 

 That awesome leopard pink chair in the corner is to die for. 

 Love the chandelier, not much else.

 I'm really liking the black wood floor. I'm convinced you can only get away with it if you have a huge window to let in lots of light, though.

 I love this one because of the zebra rug and the pink couch/bed.

 The rug. Ohmyword, the rug. Does it come in grey or pink?

 Another thing on my flea market list? A mannequin. 

 More black wood floors...

 I like the layout of this room.

 This is more of a younger girl's room, but I love love love those flower pillows.

 Audrey Hepburn? Yes, please.

 There are three things I like about this room: The rug, the couch, and the giant British flag.

 More Audrey. You cannot go wrong.

 I love the tall vase in here, and the chandelier.

 I think the thing I adored about this one was simply all of the books.

yes. just - yes.
 This one looks like an Indian palace...

I'm looking so hard for a good decal of the eiffel tower like that one.

 And to finish: This. Chair. Is. Amazing.

Which room is your favorite? Where do you go for design inspiration?
Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to find the rest of my brain amid the boxes and miscellaneous stuff I never knew that we had. Seriously - I can't even talk today.
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  1. Cool! I redid my room a couple months ago with inspiration from a craft store.

    It's very Parisian (with a cute little Eiffel tower) and white and blue and pink, and there's lots of Audrey Hepburn because my uncle bought be about three or four posters of her when I was younger. I'm a big fan :).


  2. lovely. no other words. audrey...a must. a chandelier? gotta have. the layout for the room w the awesome couch...OHMIGOSH!!!! :D


  3. All of those rooms look amazing! My perfect room would be: LOTS of purple (or blue and gray), beanbag chairs, and large windows! I LOVE rooms with big windows :)

  4. I share a room with my sister with a completely opposite personalty.But I LOVE our room and she does too. the only thing I would change is to have matching things like desks, sheets, and comforters. We combined two things that you would not think would go together, Country and Modern. It really worked. I'll have to post pictures of it on my blog sometime.

  5. That is awesome! :) Do you have your own room or do you share?

  6. Emilie - since I'm so much older than my little sisters, I have my own room.
    --Mary Catherine

  7. I have wanted to move for a long time...JUST so I could redo my room. Kinda pathetic isn't it.
    Sara Beth


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