My Mom Calls them Belly Dancers - They're Cheerleaders.

Due to icannotbelievewearealreadyinthefourthweekofschool (can you tell I'm getting addicted to those combo sentences?) business and brain loss, I've decided to do a low-creativity post and tell you about the game. 

Not gonna lie. It was pretty steriotypical. But fun. I told my dad I was going for the first - no, second reason that all teenage girls go to high school games - to talk with friends.
"What's the first reason?"
"To look at the players."
What can I say? We all know it's true.

By some random stroke of amazingness, my dear friend Madi came with some friends, so we could hang out. I got there late because we had to pick up my brothers from football practice. Originaly she was on my team's side, but by the time I got there she had moved to the other side for lack of room.

me: (in a text to Madi) you sure you didn't just move to the other side because it's an all guys school?
Madi: well...
She said she moved because our over-enthusiastic pep-leader peoples congregated right in front of them.
"And you objected to an entire group of shirtless guys with painted letters?"
Uh-huh. This is why we all love Madi.

Overall it was fun, and I'll probably go to the next home game too. I saw some friends, pretended I knew what was going on, and oh yeah - we lost. Oh well...
What did you do this weekend? I'd love to hear.


That Annoying Sickness

No, dears. I'm not talking about Bieber Fever. Ugh.
I'm talking about the goodgrieftimehaspassedsofasthowcouldihavenotpostedinfourdays syndrome.

Today my dear friend Anna came over and made cookies with us. Because she's awesome like that.

M is such a little baker.

She makes the most amazing monster cookies ever - oatmeal, m&ms, and chocolate chips. Nom.

I finally tried the amazing knot ponytail via Pinterest last week. I love it.

We've been spending quite a lot of time at the pee-wee football field lately for my brothers' games. I've been watching them for two years now. I still don't get it. Ha.

red teeth courtesy of the icee she was eating...
Speaking of the strangely shaped leather brown ball, I'm going to my first highschool game tonight. Mostly for the social thing, since I still won't understand a thing.
Should be fun. {insert lol here}


The God Place

I found it about a week after we moved in. A small park, nestled behind the cove next to a baseball field. There were some wooded areas, and a small bonfire pit. Keep in mind that I'm making it sound so much more luxorious than it actually is.
But I still found beauty, the way I always do - through a lens.
Today I went back. 

The little things are important to me; showing the detail of the flowers, the leaves, and the branches.
I like showing other people these pictures as proof of God's creativity.

Personal favorite below.

Seeing the flowers {and ahem - weeds} dance in the wind, and the birds chirp.

The crickets hopped in the heat of the day, and the two horses in the pasture nearby grazed peacefully.

This is my God place. I know it.

Do you have a God-place - a place where you can think and ponder?


Mentally M.I.A.

I am completely brain-dead. 
Two weeks of school. Thirty-five more to go. 
By that time my back will be permanently caved in. I promise my backpack weighs thirty pounds. 
Meanwhile, dear little sis T is walking, and when she toddles over for a hug I nearly burst into tears because I can't be there every minute of every day to help her along and watch her grow. 

Instead, I'm in a classroom, learning about angles and the Assyrians and the french language (which, by the way, is gorgeous. I can't wait to learn more).

I feel more out of touch with creation lately. I want to be able to run out in the yard and lay down in the grass and stare at the clouds.

But there's never time. Never. I've realized how valuable that one thing is during these past few weeks.
As the summer flowers fade, I feel like I'm fading too. Highschool seems to allow for less individuality and more exhaustion. We're all in groups; the 'smart' kids, the band kids, the standard class kids, the art kids, the choir kids, the theatre kids. 
What can I do about it when there are two thousand of us crammed into seven buildings and rushing around like annoying ants? I happen to loathe the highschool image.

Oh well. The days go on. The autumn will come. The football games will be played and the concerts will be sung. 
And I suppose I'll be better for it, in the end. Because trials build character.
I love it when I remember conclusions like that at the end of what was originally just a "what I'm doing lately" post.
Love to all of you.
PS: I know that I've been doing all of these short posts lately, but I promise I'll be back to normal soon - I hope.


Windows to the Soul

This week's theme over at iheartfaces is eyes. That happens to make me really excited.

I know, I know. You've all seen this picture before. But it was so hard to decide on one eye picture. So I decided on a strategy - when in doubt, pick the adorable baby face. Plus I edited it a tad.
She has rainbows in her eyes in this picture... *swoon*


For the Record

for the record: This whole public school thing has really made me appreciate weekends more. I now understand that weekend = freedom. Aaah... forty eight hours of real life.

for the record: Also because of school, I've rarely (okay so almost not at all) had time to pick up my camera this week. I'm going to figure out a way to work photography and blogging back into my schedule.

for the record: This is one of my little girl cousins. She has the modeling thing down.

for the record: I've been obsessed with  loving taking closeups right next to my new window. The natural light makes me swoon every single time.

for the record: I cannot wait until fall comes around. The scattered leaves, like silks, falling from the trees... ah.

for the record: Over 10,000 views? Whaa?

I'm still trying to figure out my new lifestyle with school. Tips?


Of Early Rising and School and Such

I started highschool yesterday. 
And surprisingly, it wasn't half as bad as I was expecting. Really.
confession: I loathe backpacks. But for highschool, I really had no choice, considering that my biology book alone, which I got today, weighs around seven pounds.
But this one is so cute that I'll forgive it for being the worst fashion statement like, ever.
that awesome binder on the bottom is for French.
I now have to wake up at five every morning and leave at six twenty to pick up my dear friend Rebecca, who's a sophomore, and get to school by six thirty-five, where we hang out in the cafeteria until the bell rings to get to class by seven. 

Mary Cat's Schedule: 
First Period: Geometry (translation: somehow I have to figure out how to make my brain process math at seven-thirty in the morning)
The teacher is the girl's varsity basketball coach, and she's pretty cool.
Second Period: Biology 
The teacher is nice as well. Except, you know, for the seven pound book that she gave us that just about threw my back out.
Third Period: Chorale (chorus, since everyone and their dog has been asking what in the world chorale is. It's just their second highest choir)
The instructor is nice. First favorite class of the day.
Fourth Period: English 
I normally ace english so it's not a big deal. 
Lunch: Two of my friends have the same lunch, thankfully (it's the first lunch, at 10ugh23 in the morning. Like anyone feels like eating...).
Fifth Period: World History
It's interesting and the teacher is pretty laid back.
Sixth Period: PE/Wellness
Ugh. Enough said. 
Seventh Period: French
My second favorite class of the day. Because if I get a free ticket to anywhere out of the country besides Guatemala, it will be to France.

I made it to all of my classes on time (that was an act of my amazing God) and didn't get lost once. 
I'm still shocked about that. The school has around seven buildings, and each one has a letter. Some of them have two floors, some of them don't. 
It's bigger than my dad's old college, and it's so big that it even has one of those little signs in the front with the arrows telling you where everything is, like at the mall.
this thing has a map of the school on the back which is of no help whatsoever.
 Hopefully we'll be getting lockers later this week, so that I can stop walking around like a turtle with an overstuffed shell and frizzy hair (okay, so maybe the locker won't solve the hair thing. Die, humidity. Die.)
Have you started school yet? If not, when do you start?


It's Been Doing This All Day

French paper to finish. {summer work - seriously?}
Header (or lack of) is giving me a headache.
Cannot compute.


The Sisters That Make Me Laugh

Yesterday, just in case you didn't pick up on it from Madi's little narrative, Kendall stopped by to meet her. Then we decided to set up more of an indoor photoshoot because, as always, it was unbearably hot outside.
M got in on the act as well. 
Currently (since we haven't done anything to my room yet) I have a big ol' blank wall, which we decided to use as a backdrop after we couldn't find a white sheet. A lot of the pictures are noisy, but some turned out okay, and it was a blast.

Despite the wall being yellow.

 The girl is adorable.

Madi and Kendall got along pretty well... ha. I love that they finally met.

I adore that hat. I got it at Charming Charlie's a couple of days ago. 

We also baked some lemon bars. Due to my lack of creativity, they were from the box. But no one cared.


I had so much fun spending the day with my sister/cousin-by-marriage/partner-in-crime and my other sister/partner-in-crime. They both rock. 
Love you girls!
PS: I need some urgent help. When I've been trying to upload the new header, it says that I have exceeded my photo upload quota. But I know that's not true because it still lets me upload photos into posts. Help?