For the Record

for the record: This whole public school thing has really made me appreciate weekends more. I now understand that weekend = freedom. Aaah... forty eight hours of real life.

for the record: Also because of school, I've rarely (okay so almost not at all) had time to pick up my camera this week. I'm going to figure out a way to work photography and blogging back into my schedule.

for the record: This is one of my little girl cousins. She has the modeling thing down.

for the record: I've been obsessed with  loving taking closeups right next to my new window. The natural light makes me swoon every single time.

for the record: I cannot wait until fall comes around. The scattered leaves, like silks, falling from the trees... ah.

for the record: Over 10,000 views? Whaa?

I'm still trying to figure out my new lifestyle with school. Tips?


  1. great photos! I love seeing your photography!

  2. For the record: You're GORGEOUS!!! I love your eyes. They're so vivid and pretty!!
    For the record: yes, your cousin has got that modeling down!! Props to her :))
    For the record: I adore your new blog design with a burning passion that cannot be held back. That means I love your blog design. Alot.
    Great post :))
    -Jocee <3

  3. The pictures are nice.
    That little girl should be a model! lol. How old is she?
    I wish we had big season changes where I live :(

    Tips? Make sure you put school work ahead of blogging/Photography. You don't want to fail school for a hobby. You also have to find you time though so you don't get too stressed. Being organized deffinitely helps. Sometimes studying with a friend does help (if you guys actually study) Little jokes help you remember things, and sometimes people get things a diffrent way and they can help you see it better.

  4. Tiffany - she's six. :)
    --Mary Catherine

  5. You should enter your eyes picture into iheartfaces this week. The theme is eyes. :)


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